You’ve come here for a free schedule and that’s what you’ll get. 





So firstly I’ll let you know why I think a schedule is so valuable in today’s society because we often find ourselves scrolling through Facebook endlessly as if our fingers are on a treadmill, we’re often doing this when we should be doing important stuff like finding our passion, doing our homework and so fourth. We often think that having self discipline means we do not have free will but it’s actually quite the opposite , these two go hand in hand together on our journey to living a better life. 


Our schedule is based off how Benjamin franklin used to organise his day. He was a big advocate for the “early to rise early to sleep” way of life and you can see this by him getting up at 5am he would firstly get himself washed and dressed and started his morning routine he would firstly set his intention for the day. This for you could be something to achieve you could have three goals that you want to complete by the end of the day. He would use this to not get distracted throughout the day. After this he would plan his day this would often be similar however it offers some lenience if you have an appointment that’s a one off. Having a plan also helps you to break down the intention of your day and help you chunk your goals in to smaller tasks. He then did some learning this could be reading a book or reading my blogs ;p you can see he loved to study as he was a author, politician, inventor , scientist and much more, many other successful people read in the morning. After breakfast he would start his first block off work , then Relaxed work which could be reading emails and then back to the second block of work. You’ll notice in his schedule he didn’t write down any time for breaks although I think he would of slotted them in somewhere we advise to have long for roughly an hour and short breaks of ten minutes periodically. There are many different types of scheduling such as the pomodoro technique which we will write a blog on soon after this towards the end of the day he did a thing what we like to call clearing to neutral which setting things back to how they was preparing you for the next day. He would then socialise before going to bed. here is my schedule for after school you can use it if you like





Time           Event

2:30           Extra 

3:30          Content

3:55          Break

4:00         Content 

4:25         Break

4:30         Book

4:55         Break 

5:00         Homework 

6:00        Free

7:00        Learn

7:25        Break 

7:30        Learn

7:55        Break 

8:00       Read

8:25       Break 

8:30       Read

8:55       Break 

9:00       Overview

10:00     Relax



Done today:


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