World mental health day 2020

It’s the 10th of October 2020 which means one thing… it’s world mental health day! This is a day for learning and awareness of yours, your neighbor's and everybody else’s mental health and well-being.
Good mental health should be available to everyone, easily accessible and to it’s highest capabilities. we’re doing a great job off breaking the stigma, from how it is represented in the media to the great work of all the charity’s, but there’s still more to be done.
We’re all going through a tough time right now, and it’s left many people suffering from poor mental health and in some cases, this can lead to mental illnesses.
Lockdown has left many people feeling lonely and that they have no one to talk to about their problems.
The uncertainty of restrictions and the health of us and the people around us has caused much anxiety and depression.
Job cuts and redundancies have left people stressed about money and finding a new job to put food on the table.
Not to mention the ups and downs we face on a daily basis over the years.
With all this being said, that’s why prioritizing mental health has never been more important than it is now.
Just like your body, your brain needs to be trained and taken care of to be in its best shape. Your mental health consists of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and moods and can be influenced by your genes, life circumstances and much more.
Whether you’re struggling with a mental illness or not, we all need to take care of our mental-wellbeing as a preventive measure or as a way to fight against it. There’s lots of things out there that you can do, from taking certain medication to speaking to a psychologist but, what can you do yourself?

World mental health day theme

The mental health for all campaign, is the theme for this year’s world mental health day and it’s all about getting them small wins in life, no matter your circumstances you should have access to the help you require, big or small.
There are things that you already have access to but, it’s about investing and growing to share the knowledge and awareness and that’s why we’ve got some ideas for you.

If you’re wondering where to start, we would advise you to focus on the 5 steps to mental well-being topics which are:

  • Connection
  • Physical activity
  • Learning
  • giving
  • Mindfulness

Some of these topics may be a bit of a challenge to focus on during the pandemic, for example, connection and physical activity but, we love a challenge and that’s why we wrote a whole blog post on 10 self-care tips to use during lockdown, which you can check out here!

We go over everything from Journaling to exercising at home.

You can do something as big or as little as you want, this could be trying something new like art therapy or just a 5 minute meditation.

Mind charity has encouraged us to do one thing for our mental health.

If you’re struggling for ideas, we’ve created a 30 day challenge for you to complete which you can find below.

World mental health day 30 day planner.

Download and print the free pdf below to receive a month’s worth of wellbeing ideas! – no email needed!

Although some of the tasks on this worksheet are aimed at helping other people with their mental well-being, there is still more that needs to be done.

So, how can you help someone with a mental health issue?

  • One of the biggest things that you can do is breaking down the stigma by sharing your own experiences in the hopes that it will allow other people to open up and once they do encourage them to share their thoughts more often.
  • You can volunteer to work on the phone lines where people need you the most or walk the streets collecting money from all the generous people.
  • Donate to the amazing charities at the forefront, leading the way in making better mental health for everyone more accessible. We’ve listed some of the charity’s bellow for you to check out.

Mental health charities

The content in this article is not meant as a substitute for professional medical advice and should only be used for informational purposes. If you are struggling with the topic discussed in this article, we advise that you seek the help from a professional.
If you have any further questions, remarks or requests for what you would like to see more of, you can comment here on the blog, or message us on our social media channels below.


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