today a reader tomorrow a leader

Today a reader tomorrow a leader 


5 tips on how to read everyday 



Do you want to learn more? Do you struggle to squeeze in time for reading? Are you ready to take on our reading challenge? If any of these apply to you read this blog! Firstly we’ll be giving you some great tips on how to read every day then we’ll be giving you some self improvement books suggestions and lastly your challenge!


5 tips to read every day:


Tip 1: set a number of pages you want to read every day. When you say “ I want to read a book “ as humans we naturally procrastinate and say we’ll do it another time, whereas if we set a goal of a chapter or a certain amount of pages a day depending on the book we make the task not feel as daunting which makes us more likely to keep consistency in reading.


Tip 2: schedule. If you want to start reading daily it’s best to start by putting when you want to read in to your schedule, if you don’t have a schedule sign up to our newsletter to learn how to make one. By putting reading into your schedule your limiting the need for will power as it will become a habit, there has been evidence to show that we have more will power in the morning and we learn better after exercise so you could read in the morning after going to the gym, on the other hand we process memories when sleeping so reading right before bed may help you remember the golden nuggets in these books, so it’s up to you find what ever suits you best. 


Tip 3: make it enjoyable. I’m a big preacher for doing what you love, who knows books might not be for you but if they are or if you want to try them out choose something you enjoy reading or something that can educate you and make you a better version of yourself. Also if you treat yourself after reading with a sweet or tv time or anything you enjoy this will reinforce your behaviour which will make you more likely to read again. 


Tip 4: NO distractions. This can be really hard nowadays as we have so many distractions, but going to a quiet area and turning your phone off will help a lot, if you’re reading an ebook on your phone tablet or laptop make sure to turn off notifications by putting airplane mode on. 


Tip 5: accountability. Holding yourself accountable to read you can do this by getting others involved for example every night that you don’t read a chapter you owe a friend a fiver, and who wants that!


How to win friends and influence people 

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Crushing it

Think and grow rich 

The alchemist 

The power of now

Rich dad poor dad

Feel the fear and do it anyway 

Awaken the giant within 

The 4 hour work week 



Our challenge for you is to buy a book preferably one of the above or any other self help book! read one chapter


If you have any further questions, remarks or requests for what you would like to see more of, you can comment here on the blog, or message us on Instagram, Facebook or email. 

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