the habit loop

the habit loop
how to make a habit and 10 habit ideas
Finding it hard to stick to a resolution? Feel like your not achieving enough? Is motivation low? No worries because today we’ll be learning about a trick I like to call the habit loop! So what is it? Well it’s a method of forming habits to help you succeed! But why should we have habits? Well throughout life we will want to do things like learning how to ride a bike or learn an instrument but when we start we rely on our will power, this is okay for a few weeks or months if we enjoy the thing we’re learning about, but slowly we get tired and say we’ll do it another day, and then that day never comes, so by forming a habit we take the pressure of our motivation and it becomes a natural reaction, do you ever feel like you need motivation to brush your teeth? Or wonder how you got to work in your car? Well this is because they have become a habit, you don’t need to think about turning your indicator on when you turn around the corner you do every morning, because you do it all the time. So let’s get into how it’s done! 
So firstly Write down 5-10 habits you want to start today, so let’s say reading for 30 minutes a day as our first habit. So to the left of this your going to have your cues so this is an environment or thing you do pre habit that activates your mind to thinking of your habit. So let’s say your cue was waking up, every morning you’ll wake up and straight away you’ll read for 30 minutes. This is the first part of forming a habit, the last part is the reward, so on the right side of your habit you have your reward, this could be your breakfast. So when you keep repeating these in this sequence you’ll slowly but surely form a long lasting habit. On the piece of paper go down your list of habits making a cue and reward for each of them
you can also bunch these together, for example say your next habit was going for a run the cue could be having breakfast which was your reward for your first habit, this will help you enter a state of flow which we’ll talk about in another blog. When we form these habits it makes them easier to perform. It’s said that Arnold schwarzenegger had to work out before he got food and that’s why he finds it so easy to lift at 71 years old. After you perform these habits over and over again you might not even need a reward! A way that you can help reinforce these habits in the first place by using affirmations, like "I am going to eat healthy food today" or "I’m going to make people feel good about themselves today” a key to this is to always keep the affirmations positive so using one of the other examples, don’t say  “I won’t eat unhealthy foods today”. 
 Are you interested in starting a habit by using a habit loop but don’t have any ideas of what you want to start , here’s 10 great habits you can start today! 
  • waking up early
  • cold showers
  • reading daily 
  • meditating 
  • eating healthy 
  • working out
  • investing
  • complimenting 
  • drink more water
  • practice gratitude 
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