The best superfoods of 2019

What are superfoods
The word superfood gets thrown around a lot, and I mean a lot, Every time we go down the shopping aisle, you see that buzz word that draws your eyes towards it, it makes you intrigued to find out more and you want to buy it. The truth is the word superfood is a marketing scheme. If you’re interested in health and fitness you’ve more than likely come across it and for the more sceptical ones of us, we look at the back of the packaging and we often find some outlandish claims of the benefits it gives you, so much so, many countries have banned the nutrition companies from using the word on their labeling as it may mislead customers into buying their products. This has prompted a big question.
Do superfoods actually work?
At often a very high cost, are we being sold a lie? Labeling something as a “superfood” to mislead customers is wrong! The “healthy eating” industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and unfortunately, people like me and you are always falling for every NEW fad that comes out, whether it be detoxing or cleansing, our health conscious nature, often can send us down the wrong path. Let me tell you this, Eating chia seeds and drinking coconut water for the rest of your life is not healthy, in fact you are probably going to shorten your life because you aren't getting adequate nutrients from other ingredients. However there are some foods out there that may give you a little extra BOOST in life but extensive research should have to be carried out for them to even be considered marginally any better than another. One of the big problems is what actually classes as a super food? This is what i make of the topic…
By eating superfoods you’re not going to gain magical powers, it's more the fact that it's foods that are super, super high in antioxidants, minerals, dense in nutrients and more.
The best superfoods of 2019
When i was looking for these ingredients there were so many different types of foods and lots of conflicting research, so to make my up to date list of superfoods i took four things in to consideration, these are:
  • Gut health.
  •  antioxidant benefits.
  • mineral and nutritional density.
  •  Interesting and new research.
Gut health 
This is a fairly new topic in the health and wellness industry and it revolves around the health of your gut, which can impact things such as your brain, immune system and mood. The microbiome which is made up of microbes like bacteria, viruses, fungi and much more is the main contributor to a healthy gut.
Antioxidants benefits
To understand antioxidants you should firstly understand oxidative stress which is a build up of free radicals, this can be due to environmental causes and even just by eating. These free radicals can damage our cells and DNA which has been linked to serious medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and maybe even cancer! Antioxidation is the way of reversing these effects by consuming antioxidants such as vitamin C, E and beta-carotene.
Nutritional density
These are foods that are high in nutrients such as minerals, unsaturated fat, but relatively low in calories.
Interesting and new research
These will be the superfoods that i have found interesting research on, that may turn out to be the new superfoods that give some added benefits to your diet.
Goji berries 
All berries are great for your health, in fact I think blueberries were the first “superfood” that I had ever heard of and it is no surprise that it is one of the most well known. Berries are full of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. The goji berry from China which has natively used in medicine, has been seen to contain higher rates of antioxidants such as zeaxanthin. 
Some of the benefits of the goji berry are as follows. Anti-aging properties, enhances  hemopoiesis,may help prevent cancer and improves immunity.
This very popular superfood has become the favourite fruit, yes FRUIT, of many doctors, dietitians and athletes due to its nutritional density. Although quite high in calories, avocados are full of vitamins, proteins and fat, don't worry i mean the good one (monounsaturated fat), the one that helps good cholesterol. It has double the amount of potassium as a banana and has the highest amount of protein compared to any other fruit so, if you want to build muscle have-acado!
There are many benefits of avocados from weight loss and cognitive function to cardiovascular problems, inflamation of joints and maybe even cancer!
This underrated fruit has been left on the supermarket shelves for to long and I’m not happy about it. Although this isn’t my favorite, I believe that this bright fury green thing should be classed as a superfood! They have twice the amount of vitamin C than oranges and destroys apples, blueberries, oranges, bananas and strawberries for fiber content and vitamin C, E and K.
Some benefits associated with kiwis are mood improvement, sleep quality and anti-inflammatory properties that may help with celiac problems.
Beans are a highly consumed food of the people who live in blue zones which you can learn more about by clicking here. It’s basicyally places in the world where people are living the longest and not only that, they are healthier and happier than most even past the age of 100! If you’re wondering what beans to have this study has found an association between broad beans and lower levels of incidences of chronic degenerative diseases however I believe most beans are beneficial.
Greek yoghurt
Greek yoghurt is very high in probiotics but when buy it, you need to make sure that you get one with live cultures, and that means they’ve got bacteria in it, but don’t worry these are good bacterias that help your microbiome.
It is important to understand that these foods do not aquait to a healthy diet on their own, so it is vital that you include these superfoods into a well balanced diet.
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