The 5 Fundamentals

Do you want to hack your body to become the healthiest version of yourself? Will becoming more efficient with your work help you earn more money? Do you want to take back control of your mind so that you can live a happy and fulfilling life?
Well, here at brain boosted we understand that the journey to self-actualization isn’t an easy one and you can easily become lost with everything that you can improve, this is why we created the 5 fundamentals!

The 5 fundamentals

The 5 fundamentals


Biohacking is a lifestyle followed by many people around the world and the community is only growing the more that people learn about it. The term biohacking is used to explain changing the things around you and inside you to improve your biology, this is done in many different ways from changing your diet to avoiding the exposure to EMF radiation.
Some of the main goals of a biohacker are to improve performance and longevity, a lot of the practices (known as biohacks) are done through self experimentation, meaning that the individual is in control of both the research and the results.
Although biohacking is a personal journey, there’s a large supportive community online and offline with leading experts such as Ben Greenfield, Kayla Osterhoff and the founding farther Dave Asprey.


Our mindset is one of the most powerful things in our control and probably one of the easiest thing to improve yet, we don’t put any effort in to it. Your mindset has lots under it’s belt from, your mental health and perceptions to your memory and cognitive performance.
Depending on how you want to improve your mind, will determine what you will work on. If you want to be more decisive, you could try brain training and if you want to calm your nerves, start meditating.
There’s many people that you can follow, such as Jim Kwik and Marisa Peer but most importantly, you need to listen to what your own brain is telling you.


If you want to achieve all of your goals in life, you need to learn how to use your time wisely and that’s why productivity is key. The problem is that there are so many different tricks and tactics out there, it’s hard to know which ones actually work.
There’s the morning and nighttime routines of billionaires and then there’s the productivity hacks and techniques that help you become more efficient.
No matter which methods you use to get the most out of your time and energy, you need to make sure that it suits your lifestyle in all areas, because what’s right for one isn’t always right for another.


We spend a large portion of our life in school to “prepare” us for the real world yet, was you ever taught how to get a job, or maybe even start your own business? Probably not! There’s more opportunity now than ever to create the life you want, all you have to do is get working.
Whether it’s learning how to make money as an entrepreneur or getting better at managing people as a leader, there are some valuable skills you need to have in your locker, if you want to be successful.
Learning social media marketing from people like Gary Vee and watching how to set up a blog from the guys at income school, are great ways to start your journey.


Your health plays such a big roll in your life because without it, you don’t really have anything and that’s why it’s such a big industry, because people want to know how to live their best life! Although there are thousands of ways to be “healthy”, there are some key topics that are a necessity:
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
However, when it comes to health, people have different goals, ethics and ideas, and that’s why we like to take a holistic view so, everybody gets a piece of the pie! Some people want to lose weight and improve their cardio whereas others are concerned with keeping their immune system in tip-top condition.

Mission statement

We want to bring you the best tips, tricks and new information on all the topics discussed, and we want you to be our accountability partners so we can help you, be the best you.
Although we believe that the 5 fundamentals are key ingredients to living a BOOSTED life, we understand that there are even more aspects to self-improvement than just these few and that’s why we are always looking to expand our knowledge.
If we really want to lead the way in biohacking, mindset, productivity, business and health, we need to surround ourselves with the best in the business. So, if you’re an expert, have the qualifications in a specific field or an incredible story that we just can’t ignore, get in touch with us and let’s network!
You can email us at or message us on our social media below.
If you have any further questions, remarks or requests for what you would like to see more of, you can comment here on the blog, or message us on our social media channels below.

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