The 4 M's of motivation

If you follow my page or have just searched for this blog I’m guessing you’re different, you want to be successful, you’re someone who chases their dreams, you’re a winner and when people say you’ve lost you’ve just learnt! So you want to be successful and make all of your dreams come true, what do you need? GHOSTBUSTERS!... No you need motivation, the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step, the thing that helps you achieve all these ambitions.
Let’s imagine you’re a car, it doesn’t matter what you start with so whether you’re a Ferrari or a Ford, it doesn’t matter, now imagine that your motivation is the fuel, which is quite realistic right… you use your car (body & mind) it slowly depletes and at some point you’re going to have to go to the gas station to fill up. Everyone does this when they’re trying to get motivated to do their homework, go to the gym or whatever the case may be but they’re filling up with the wrong fuel ultimately leading to a burnout. They’ve got a petrol car but they’re filling up with diesel, they’ve got a diesel car but they’re putting petrol in the tank, who knows they might have an electric car but are still trying to force down the thick black petrol that’s killing our planet… this is like you, you’re exhausted and need motivation yet you don’t actually know what motivates you, you don’t know what gets your motor going, what gets your gears going, what shoots you down the motorway at 90mph (safetly) and this is where I can help! This blog isn’t about cars it’s about the science of motivation and how you can implement it in to your life to stop procrastinating and get more done.

The 4 M’s of motivation

As I said earlier you need to find out what motivates you, we’re all different and inspired by different things so you need to find out what is right for you. You may of found your why but every so often you need a Little extra boost, a bit like a protein bar for you gym lads and ladets out there. You need to find out what motivates you and that’s where the four M’s comes in to play.
Before we start I’m going to need you to be totally honest with what motivates you, to get the best results out of this, there’s no shallow or wrong answers, it’s whatever describes you best so don’t hold back, you might be surprised with the results.


Also known as materialism, it’s when you are motivated by the luxuries, the fancy car, the designer clothes and the big bank balance. Most people are attracted to money, maybe because they didn’t have any when they was younger, they looked up to the basketball players with the Lamborghini’s and diamond watches. Now before you think that this is something you don’t want to be associated with because you’re not materialistic remember that there is nothing wrong with this being a driving force in your life.

Having more money means more options. A better lifestyle for you and the people you care about.
If you want to help more people you need more money.


Also known as relationships. Which category do you think Hugh Hefner was motivated by? Yes he had money but he loved to be surrounded by beautiful women, now you might see this as shallow but have you ever dressed up to go on a date with someone or maybe you started going to the gym to look more attractive to a man or woman. It’s not all about intimacy either, if you want to spend more time with your family you would also come under this category, it’s all about the social connection’s you make. You may find that this one is more applicable to women due to their biology (mothering nature) but you definitely see that this motivates men as well.


Also known as movement, this one is about continuously growing, you might be motivated by seeing your Instagram followers go up or just seeing steady progression in whatever you’re doing. You can also link it to an entrepreneurial life, living with freedom and doing what you want.
Maybe you are stepping up and making a decision because you have decided that you aren’t going to accept anything less for yourself any longer. That you will not work a job that makes you miserable every day. You want to buy what you want, eat when you want, work when you want.
Having the freedom to decide what you want to do and when you want to do it is empowering.
Having that freedom of choice in your life is what keeps you going.


Also known as status, do you want to be the best at everything you do? If you said yes, this is probably the category for you. Mastery is about being known for your craft and not stopping until you are the best at what you do. You often see this attribute in people who have made countless amount of money but still work endlessly at their goals.
People know who you are. You have inspired or will inspire many people in this world.
You are recognized for countless achievements and wherever you go others know that you’re there.
Craving the spotlight is a motivating factor for many people.

Which M motivates you?

This can be hard to work out and you may feel like you have more than one that suits you, which is great but it’s best to narrow it down to the one that motivates you the most, the one that really gets you going. It may change overtime due to your life circumstances but let’s find out what motivates you now.

Jealousy is key

Well maybe jealousy isn’t the best word to use but have you ever felt envious of what someone has or even just thought I wish I had that well these are good signs that you can use to find out what motivates you, Let’s go through some examples.
  • Money: Do you ever speak to someone who is richer than you and think I wish I had that money or that car and you start to get a bit envious of the person more than most people are, if so you’re probably money motivated.
  • Mating: Do you ever look at someone’s photo with their partner and roll your eyes and think they’re so soppy but really you’re just a tad bit jealous of them. There’s studies that show that when women are around, men’s testosterone levels increase, Napoleon Hill wrote about the effects of women in his book think and grow rich.
  • Mastery: This is your motive if you’re predominantly concerned with being respected and certainly not disrespected. It’s about status, you see that “alpha male“ walk in to the club with all of his boys, getting all the attention and you think what a duchebag, he may well be a duchebag but you wish you was that popular, you wish people listened to you more, you have so much more to give.
  • Momentum: This about freedom, the people who can say no whilst you’re stuck in your 9-5 you get jealous of the people who can do what you can’t because they’re not set to the limits and boundaries you are. They do what they want when they want and you’re jealous because you’re still taking orders from your boss. They might even be offered money but would rather have the free time. It’s a bit like Tim Ferris’s principles in the four hour work week.
These are to help you get motivated not to turn you in to a bitter person it’s just to help notice your subconscious signs, if you are super jealous you may need to get therapy for it.

 What are the steps to get motivated?

  1.  Develop self awareness: When someone asks you what’s the motive, you should now be able to answer. Do not judge yourself, if what motivates you to go to the gym is to get more attention of girls than so be it, being true to your nature and not judging it will motivate you more.
  2. Pain and gain: With my own experiences and thinking about it on a deeper level, I believe these motivations often come from pain or lack of, think about it, did your motive come from not having it in the first place? Let’s go through some examples. According to Gary Vee, being an immigrant Is a huge advantage. When you come from another country you have to learn to hustle. When mark Cuban was younger and was broke, he used to drive past other people’s mansions and say I’m going to be like that I’m going to have one of them. Mark Cuban also started a TV program that competed with the American apprentice which is Donald Trump’s show and it failed and supposedly Trump wrote him a sarcastic letter, most people would say just ignore it but what Mark did was frame it and leave it on his desk so he saw it every morning, he used his failure and envy of someone disrespecting him (mastery) as a motivator and then he made shark tank and when the apprentice’s viewing’s was on the decline he wrote Trump a funny letter back asking him how it was going, he never got a reply! You might have a chip on your shoulder and feel like you’ve got to prove something to the world. You might have been small or overweight as a kid so become a body builder. Use your pain to gain! 
  3. Affirmations: Even though I’m not really poor and my motive isn’t materialistic, whenever I used to see a range rover I used to say “one day, one day“ you’ve got to give yourself positive self talk and really believe it. Before you do this you’ve got to stop the negative self talk, I don’t know if it’s a British thing or just a human thing because we all do it.
  4. 4.Discipline is king: Motivation is more like an emotion, it comes and it goes, take this for an example, have you ever watched a motivational film or video and you feel so pumped that you could conquer the world with your newly learnt karate moves but then the next day you’re struggling to get out of bed? It’s because motivation comes and goes, so what can you do when you can’t rely on motivation? Learn to have self discipline! The word discipline might be scary at first because of your memories at school but it’s okay, you only need it until you form a habit which you can learn about by clicking here. Do you really need discipline to brush your teeth. I’ll leave you with this quote. “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle
Here’s some more books you can read on motivation: Motivation myth, unlimited power, the motivation hacker.
 If you have any further questions, remarks or requests for what you would like to see more of, you can comment here on the blog, or message us on Instagram, Facebook or email.

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