The 30 best Christmas gifts for biohackers they will love 2021

Do you have a loved one who is part of the biohacking community but, you don’t have clue on what to buy them for Christmas?

You’ve heard them talk about all of these gadgets and gizmos that have all these amazing benefits but you don’t even know what they are or where to find them.

Well… you’re in luck because we do. In this list we will be guiding you through the 30 best products for biohackers that you can buy them for Christmas, ranked from the very cheapest to the most expensive.

*The content in this article is not meant as a substitute for professional medical advice and should only be used for informational purposes. If you are struggling with the topic discussed in this article, we advise that you seek the help from a professional.

*Some of the links in this blog may be affiliate links which means if you make purchase on a product, I will make a commission of it but, IT WILL NOT be at an extra cost to you. Any money I make through this is put towards the upkeep and improvement of this blog. Thank you in advance, Jake.

1.) Bulletproof supplements

Supplementation is a big part of most people’s life, especially with everything that is going on in today’s world but, biohackers have always known the importance of looking after their body as a preventative and that’s why most of them take daily supplements.

This is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to change your biology for the better from the inside.

It doesn’t just have to be your standard vitamins and minerals either! There’s all different types of products you can get, from oils for brain function to chewable gummies for sleep.

Whatever your loved one is looking to improve through supplementing, what better place to get the products from than the business owned by Dave Asprey, commonly known as the founding farther of biohacking.

Bulletproof (the name of Dave Asprey’s business) has a wide selection of supplements, from the more advanced goodies to the standard vitamins for you to choose from.

Supposed Benefits: Longevity, immune health, better sleep, focus and all round health.

Price: Vary from $7.45 for the cheapest product – 132.17 for a large bundle.

2.) True darks junk light dot stickers

I’ve recently had a bedroom extension on my house where they’ve used modern light switches that have a small blue light at the top of them so you can see them in the dark, although they’re small lights they have been very disruptive to my sleep.

This is where junk light dot stickers comes in… all the annoying small lights that you have in your bedroom, kitchen and living room can be covered so the light doesn’t disrupt your circadian rhythm.

Supposed benefits: no interrupted sleep.

Price: $11.95 for a bundle of sheets with different types of stickers.

3.) Meditation app headspace

Meditation is a very well known practice amongst the health and wellness tribe, however, one of the most common problems people come across is that their mind starts to wonder after a few minutes and this is why it’s a great idea to use a guided meditation.

If you know someone who needs to find their inner Zen, why not buy them a months subscription to the headspace app.

Supposed benefits: Improved mental health, better focus and has been shown to help with mental illness.

Price: 7 day free trial and then a $12.99 monthly subscription with access to all types of meditation.

4.) Biohacking books.


Books are a great way of learning about new concepts, inventive ideas and complex theories because you can learn all the information someone has collected over their years on earth in a condensed format so you don’t have to make the same mistakes as they did.

Some of the most well known people in the community have their own books full of tips and tricks that you can use in your every day life, from Ben Greenfield with boundless to Dave Asprey’s superhuman and even businesses like the biohacking handbook.

Supposed benefits: Learning the most valuable tips and tricks straight from the mouth of your favorite biohacker.

Price: superhuman paperback £14.99 boundless hardback £54.99 biohacking handbook £38.84

5.) Mouth sleep strips by somnifix

Sleep is an extremely important part of living a healthy and optimal lifestyle and it’s not just about quantity but also quality, it’s not all about how much sleep you get, but instead it’s about how well you sleep.

Sleep strips work by gently covering the mouth during sleep in order to make us breathe through our nose, this helps because our noses are more efficient at supplying oxygen to the body than what our mouths are making us feel well rested the morning after.

Supposed benefits: Improves quality of sleep, less snoring, reduces mouth breathing which has been shown to impact bad breath, tooth cavities and it’s even been linked to symptoms similar to ADHD.

Price: $21.99 for 1 pack of 28 strips.

6.) biohacking for kids

Do you know a Young biohacker in the making, maybe it’s your child who has been watching you on your journey or maybe its one of your nieces, nephews or younger siblings who want to start learning.

Well to start it’s great for them to learn about biology first but kids don’t enjoy just reading from a book, they like to get hands on and that’s why Amino bio’s creative canvas kit which allows children to create pictures using bacteria is a perfect present for any Child that wants to immerse themselves in biology.

Supposed benefits: A fun and creative way for children to get a head start in biology.

Price: $41 for the full kit

7.) Alitura clay face mask

We’re always focusing on the latest products for our health and fitness but, for those that you know who are more beauty inclined why not treat them to the Alitura clay face mask that includes 9 nutrient dense ingredients for a more youthful appearance.

Supposed benefits: Detoxify, purify and hydrates skin for a radiant glow.

Price: $59 for the clay powder (just add water).

8.) Portable BBQ suitcase

If the person you love is quite invested in the biohacking world, they’re more than likely on a keto diet, carnivore diet or at least a low carb diet which means they’re probably going to be eating a lot of meat.

Whether it’s steak, burgers or some juicy chicken, lots of biohackers like to go back to their roots and eat in the wilderness as the sun goes down, which means they can’t take their kitchen with them so a small portable BBQ is ideal for the job!

Supposed benefits: Take your BBQ anywhere so you can enjoy your favorite foods wherever you find yourself.

Price: £49.99 for a BBQ that turns into a suitcase when you’re done.

9.) Gymnastics rings

Our friend Marco from minimalistic biohacker and many others from the community like to keep it simple especially when exercising and that’s why they often do calisthenics which is working out using your own body weight as resistance.

One of the most popular ways of performing this exercise is by using gymnastic rings as they are very multifunctional for exercising different types of muscles.

Supposed benefits: Calisthenic exercises often use multiple muscle groups at one time otherwise known as compound exercises resulting in lower body fat and more defined muscles. It is also great for improving balance, endurance and coordination.

Price: £49.99 for the whole set.

10.) Swanwick Blue light blockers

If the person you know is always feeling a bit to hyper before they go to bed it’s probably because they’ve been exposed to too much light, too late on in the day and it’s confusing their circadian rhythm Because it doesn’t know whether it is nighttime or daytime.

The reasons for this happening is probably due to them using electronic equipment that emits blue light later on in the day or it might simply be that the days are getting longer and the sun goes down later.

Obviously you can’t control the sun and our busy lives might require us to spend a little longer on our technology then we probably should, so what’s the solution?

Blue light blocking glasses helps your brain keep producing melatonin (the sleep chemical) even whilst you use your electronic devices so you are able to carry on working later in to the day without messing up your sleep schedule.

Supposed benefits: Allows you to use your electronic devices later on in the day without disrupting your circadian rhythm.

Price: $79 for the classic night swannies

11.) Small red light and near infrared light by carelamps

Because there is two sides to this, I’m going to try and make it quick.

red light therapy has been shown to be beneficial for skin deep cellular health this would include things like wrinkles, scarring, fine lines and an increase in the production of collagen.

Whereas Near infrared light which can penetrate deeper into the body has been shown to be beneficial for things like muscle recovery, pain relief and even aiding people who have had a traumatic brain injury.

The great thing about this piece of equipment is that you can easily pack it away in your hand luggage and it is easy to use because it is so compact meaning that you can take it anywhere with you.

Supposed benefits: improves mitochondrial function which has an effect on many aspects of our health such as skin care, recovery and overall fitness.

Price: £75

12.) Zbiotics Anti hangover probiotics drink

Christmas is a time for festive cheer and many people still like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two but, the most dreading part about drinking around Christmas is the morning after…

That’s right the hangover. Feeling sluggish, sick and heavy headed are all the dreaded symptoms of drinking a little too much but, what if there was some sort of magic potion that could make all your regrets go away.

Well, magic potion might be a bit of a stretch but, what about a scientifically formulated concoction to help battle the effects of a hangover so, you can jump straight out of bed feeling well rested and ready to go?

Zbiotics might just have the answer you was looking for! Zbiotics have created a small drink that is genetically engineered to ward off the negative effects of drinking alcohol.

Supposed benefits: wake up feeling refreshed even after a night drinking.

Price: $108 for a pack of 12 zbiotic drinks.

13.) Blood flow restriction bands

If you’ve got a gym lover to buy for this Christmas who is trying to maximize their strength gains in January and February, blood flow restrictions bands, or better known as BFR bands might just be the perfect present.

This concept that derived from China is actually pretty old and was known as kaatsu but has been brought into the 21st century and western health and sports culture.

The name pretty much sums up the concept but to quickly explain, the bands restrict the blood flow to the muscles, in turn making the muscles have to work harder without having to add more weight.

This helps the muscles become more efficient and in turn stronger.

Supposed benefits: improves muscle efficiency and strength gains.

Price: £89.99 for 2 occlusion cuffs and a measuring gauge.

14.) Ketone checker

Ketoscan mini allows you to get blood level accuracy of your ketones without the pain of pricking your finger, this allows you to know whether you have reached your desired level of ketosis because without it you wouldn’t be able to know whether you are following a keto diet correctly.

Supposed benefits: Accurately measure your ketone levels through your breath so you can adapt your lifestyle accordingly.

Price: £179 includes 5 mouthpieces.

15: EMF meter

Electro magnetic fields otherwise known as EMF and more specifically EMF radiation is a very controversial topic (which isn’t new for biohacking) but as of the time of writing this, scientific research does agree that high frequency levels of EMF can alter and damage human DNA and cells.

This radiation is found in all electronic products, however, some emit more radiation than others and this is why people like to use devices like this so they can check how much radiation is being emitted by the devices in their homes.

Supposed benefits: Check the devices in your home to see how much radiation they are emitting.

Price: £204.45

16.) DNA and epigenentics test by my toolbox genomics

Before you start to try and influence and change your biology, you first want to know what you are working with and have some potential guidelines of what would be most beneficial to get the most out of your body using data driven advice.

My toolbox genomics allows you to understand your gene’s in a simple and understandable way and then you can use the personalized guidance they give you based off of your results to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Supposed benefits: Detailed data on your DNA so you can change your diet, exercise and overall lifestyle.

Price: $299 DNA and epigenetics test

17.) oura ring sleep aid

Oura ring is a wearable tracking aid that helps you track many aspects of your daily life but most specifically your sleep. Not only does it track how long you sleep for but, it’s one of the most accurate home devices on the market for understanding how long you stay in certain stages of sleep which can explain why you might feel more emotional or not performing very well.

Supposed benefits: Track your sleep to know when to push your body to your limits or take it easy.

Price: $299

18.) Muse 2 headband

Biohacking isn’t just about optimizing your body, it’s also about getting the most out of your mind as well, that means feeling more focused, calm and ready to take on your day.

Muse works by using a process called nuerofeedback which is a way of showing real time representation of brain activity, this allows you to train your brain into desired states.

Supposed benefits: Real time feedback to help you train your brain when meditating.

Price: £239:99

19.) Ayo Blue light glasses

I’m sure you would of already heard about blue light blocking glasses to help you sleep at night but what about when you need to wake up and feel alert, what do you use in the morning?

Whether its to reset your eternal body clock so that you wake and sleep in your normal pattern or ward of the winter blues because you aren’t getting enough natural sunlight because it’s too cloudy or you’re staying in the warm indoors.

Using blue light emitting glasses helps your body produce hormones and neuro-chemical’s associated with feelings of wakefulness.

Supposed benefits: Feeling more alert when you need to be.

Price: £249 for ayo’s blue light emitting glasses with case.

20.) Apollo neuro wearable device

Imagine being able to control your emotions and mindset on demand, you want to feel calm? No problem feel stress oozing out of you within minutes. Need to focus your full attention on a project for work? Watch all your distractions disappear!

Although it might sound crazy, Apollo neuro is a wearable that you put on your wrist which can guide your body in to different states through its vibrational technology.

Supposed benefits: achieve ultimate focus, reduced stress and happiness on demand.

Price: $349

21.) Massage gun by theragun

A huge part about performing at your very best is preparing your body for stress and recovering as well as you can after taking yourself to your absolute maximum.

Theragun works as both a way to prepare your body for exercise such as a high intensity workout by helping your blood flow to the muscles that will require oxygen and a way massaging out the build up of lactic acid.

Supposed benefits: improves sports performance and recovery through improve and blood circulation and removing lactic acid from the muscles.

Price: £275 for theragun prime with 4 attachments

22.) Ray bans stories smart glasses

Not all biohackers are the same, some like the more minimalistic and natural side and others want to infuse every part of their daily life with modern technology.

Recently we’ve heard a lot about the meta-vers and how many parts of our life’s are going to become more digital and we think the Ray bans stories are one of the first steps to entering this new and exciting world where you can already take pictures and videos as well as change your music.

Supposed benefit: be ready to enter the new digital world.

Price: £299 including cleaning cloth and charging case.

23.) Electronic standing Desk


In the modern day world we spend a lot of time in our office, slouching over the desk with an awful posture but the thing is, we’re not made to sit down all day, we’re meant to be on our feet.

Sitting down at your desk for too long can have all types of affects on your health from causing problems with your metabolism, to causing high blood pressure. This is why many people choose to invest in a standing desk.

Supposed benefits: More ergonomically effective for health, adjustable when needed.

Price: £439 for an electric powered standing desk.

24.) Biohackers get away

We’ve been stuck in doors for a few years now and it’s about time you got away but, you don’t just want to go anywhere and end up needing another holiday just to get over the first one, whether it’s because you was eating rubbish or it just wasn’t quite as peaceful as you would have liked.

So why not go somewhere that is biohacker friendly. great food, great sleep and a great place to reconnect with your loved ones and nature. If you buy a trip like this for someone, you might be lucky enough that they take you with them!

Supposed benefit: Get away from your busy and hectic and finally have a long break to relax.

Price: Prices vary drastically so we’ve linked to another page that compares some of the best getaways for biohackers in the UK.

25.) Large Red Light and near infrared therapy box

This large rectangular red Light and infrared tool from carelamps is great for getting all the benefits of this type of light therapy in just 1 session.

Instead of having to work on each individual part of your body with a smaller device, you can simply stand this technology up or hang it on your door to cover a large amount of your body.

Supposed benefits: All the benefits of red Light and infrared light on your full body allowing you to have all the effects in one session.

Price: £849 including eye protection and door hanging equipment.

26.) Leg recovery with Normatec leg compression.

Compression therapy is a great tool for sports performance and recovery. one of the most well known tool is normatec leg compression boots which are scientifically proven 2 improve circulation, reduce inflammation and increase range of movement

Supposed benefits: Speeds up recovery.

Price: £899 for normatec 2.0 legs

27.) Ice barrel cold therapy


Although you might think having an ice bath is a crazy idea (especially at the moment) it probably makes your loved one feel alive because it does with me!

There’s lots of research going on around cold exposure and one of the names you may have heard of is the ice man Wim Hof who has been advocating the benefits of being in the cold (specifically ice cold water) for years now.

Supposed benefits: Speeds up metabolism, reduces inflammation and trains the vagus nerve.

Price: $1199.97 including steps.

28.) 8 sleep cold pod pro cover for bed

Sleep is a major key to your health how many experts would agree that being at a cooler temperature throughout the night is beneficial for your sleep, however, it’s impossible to regulate how hot or cold you are when you are asleep.

To combat this you can use the 8 sleep mattress cover which works by flushing cold water under your bed sheets, keeping you colder through the night.

Psssst… you can also set it to get warmer for the winter time.

Supposed benefits: Better quality sleep and may help with insomnia.

Price: $1339 for a double bed cover and cooling device.

29.) Saunas

Saunas are a very well liked product in the wellness community and probably because you have all these amazing side effects like improved heart health and detoxification of heavy metals whilst you are just sitting there relaxing.

Your benefiting from something without even having to put any work in bar maybe a little bit of sweat.

Supposed benefits: Saunas have a general benefit to many aspects of health but some to point out are pain relief, stress resilience and heart health.

Price: £1570 for a 2 person traditional sauna

30.) Health optimization summit / biohacking conference


In my personal opinion the most important part of biohacking is the strong and ever growing community that surrounds it.

Although for a long time we have lived in the shadows experimenting on ourselves, we are in a new age and spreading the word of the amazing benefits of biohacking around the world at meet ups like these where you get to learn from the most influential people in the game, see all the new technology and build your own little tribe.

supposed benefits: learn all the latest tips, try out all the new technology and feel part of a community.

Price: £399 for a Health optimization summit ticket $1799 for a ticket to the biohacking conference.

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