The 10 best self improvement products

With Christmas slowly approaching, it is a great time to get your hands on some great deals. Whether you are buying for your partner or you just want to treat yourself, I’m sure you will be able to find a health and wellness product that will not only suit you best but help you build a more fulfilling life.
The 10 best self improvement products of 2019 are listed below into most expensive to least expensive so, if your pockets need to be a little more tight this year don’t worry, head down to the bottom of the page and scroll upwards, I understand that times are tough!

1. Oura ring

What you can track, you can improve and what better way to do it than with an oara ring, which is a health and fitness device that you wear on your finger to track key bodily functions that you do daily. This wearable health device offers many types of information and data which you can use to make adaptation to your life from, Your temperature, heart rate variability and movement. Although this is not a “gold standard” piece of equipment, it is much more accurate than many other wearable tracking devices. My favorite part about it is it’s sleep measuring technology. Like other devices it can show you roughly how long you slept however, unlike most affordable products, it can estimate which type of sleep you are in and if you have read my blogs on sleep before you will understand the importance of the different types. By using this your health is literally at the tip of your finger!

One of the concerns that some people have had is how much radiation the oura ring produces so they have addressed this in a blog post, a way of getting around this problem is by putting it into airplane mode which you can’t do on a lot of products such as Fitbit. If this is okay for prince Harry, I’m sure it will be okay for you as he has been seen wearing one.

The price of a new generation standard ring starts at €314.00 but if you want to be fancy you can upgrade to a different style for an extra €100

2. Light therapy box

Light therapy is a up and coming self improvement strategy, the two most popular forms are red light and infrared light which have been seen to enhance and rejuvenate many different parts of the body. Red Light is more concerned with the health of your skin as it has a lower wavelength whereas infrared has a higher wave length meaning it can penetrate through the surface level of the skin and can positively improve your insides.

Red Light has been seen to improve skin health so if you have acne, scars, want to produce more collagen and reducing wrinkles you want this one.

Infrared light has been seen to improve energy, muscle growth, pain relief, circulation and weight loss so, if you are interested in any of these, this is the one for you.

Or… you could just get both and with this link you can get both with a five percent discount when you use the word boosted. These products vary from £60 to £900

3. Theragun G3 Percussive Therapy Device

 Are you a gym goer that turns up at the pull up bar but, you can’t even lift your hand up above your head and then you go to walk home after your session but you start to walk like a penguin, well this could be due to soreness and the lactic acid that you build up whilst pumping iron. Some people might go for a massage but if you’re always at the gym and you want a tool that can do the same job but fits in your gym bag you’re going to want to get yourself a deep tissue massage tool.

One study suggests that using vibration therapy can help reduce soreness in the muscles just as well as massage can.

Although this is quite a pricey product at £285.00 it is so useful to be able to have your own personal massaging equipment that you can carry to the gym.

4. Muse headband 2

Now you might be wondering what this is? Muse is a neurofeedback headband that measures the activity of your brain and other body functions and then relays the message back through audio. In the first generation of this product, it used EEG technology that records what brain wave state you are in and then plays back audio to represent what is going on inside your head. The newer version also measures the function of your heart, your breath and your movement. This is how it works with the brain activity side of things, as you sit down to meditate, you put your headband on and calibrate it with your phone. Let’s say you’re on the beach mode, when you begin you will more than likely here rough seas due to your brainwaves but, as you begin to focus on your breath the sea becomes calmer, reflecting what Is going on inside your noggin and if you get into a “zen” like flow you will begin to hear birds chirping. After your session you can look at the data that was recorded to make adaptations to your meditation practice.

Muse is a widely used brand for meditators and research has suggested that using one could improve attention and even reduce headaches and pain.

Muse 2 is becoming a very popular gadget amongst the self improvement community so it is best to get your hands on it as soon as possible. Here’s a link to it for just £239.00

5. Blue light blocking glasses

You may have seen the father of biohacking, Dave Asprey rocking these rather odd looking glasses everywhere he goes but don’t worry, it’s not a fashion statement, it’s actually for the benefits that they have on sleep. Pretty much every form of technology you use from your phone to your laptop emits something called blue light. Blue light blocks the brain from producing the sleep hormone melatonin efficiently, ultimately effecting our circadian rhythm and overall sleep. Blue light blocking glasses work by reducing the amount of blue light exposure to your eyes.

Swanick, the brand of glasses that we are using, has had scientific research done on their products that has found great improvements of people’s sleep that they studied.

The price can vary from product to product depending on the type and style however, the classic orange ones are a very good price of just $69.00 with a 30 day, money back guarantee.

6. Posture corrector

If you’re like me, you probably spend a lot of time sitting (AKA slouching) at your desk on your computer and I don’t recommend this at all however, I do understand that sometimes you’ve just got to get the work done. The problem with always sitting in these positions is that it can negativity effect your posture. With a posture corrector you can help alleviate symptoms of holding your bodies in this position.

Bad Posture can cause musculoskeletal problems, lower efficiency of vital organs, headaches and much more.

For a good quality back support you are going to be spending around £10 like the one below which is £8.99 from Amazon.

7. Acupressure bulletproof mat

Do you ever go to bed feeling tense and uptight, well, not to worry because this sleep inducing mat will help you send of them Z’s with no problem at all. This theory works on the basis of acupressure which is the idea that applying pressure to certain parts of your body can effect things such as your mood. Although it used to be an ancient practice in Asian countries by lying on top of nail beds! The science has come a long way since then.

Bulletproof and other sources suggest that lying on top of one of these mats can release endorphins such as oxytocin which helps inducing sleep.

You can get yourself one of these for just $49.95 with this link.

8. Essential oils and diffuser

This is all about the theory behind aromatherapy, which is a form of alternative science however, many people have suggested that they have benefited from using this method. The way it works is that you put a few drops of essential oil (which comes from the extracts of plants) into a diffuser which creates a mist that is pumped into the air. There are many different types of essential oils from, lavender to peppermint which have been proposed to have different benefits from alertness to relaxation.

Although the science is limited some studies have suggested that the use of essential oils may enhance parts of the autonomic nervous system helping the body to deal with stress and anxiousness.

There is many different types you can buy however, it is better to get a good quality one with oils included within the price like this one for £29.99

9. Journal

No matter whether you’re new to being a self improvement junkie or whether you’ve been in this game for a while now, you are bound to have heard about the benefits of Journaling. Some people use it for planning and others use it for writing down their dreams, if you want to push the boat out and live your best life, you could even do both and more!

Although studies haven’t been able to narrow down the reasons why Journaling is so good for you, there are many findings that Journaling is beneficial for your physical and mental health.

The prices of journals can vary however, I believe that it is better buying a more expensive one because it has all that you need in one book meaning you don’t have to keep swapping and changing between different types of journals, saving you time and probably money in the long run! This journal is a great buy as it is only £24.99 for everything you need.

10. Self help books

They’ve been around forever and there is good reason for it, it’s because books are able to tell stories of how to get from A to B in the quickest and most efficient way possible, this is mainly due to the fact that they are often written by the ones who have already walked that path. So many leading entrepreneurs, business Men and women credit their success to what they learnt from books. from Tai Lopez to Oprah Winfrey they all do one thing in common, and that should be enough motivation for you to pick up a book, start reading and educate yourself!

Jim Kwik, the owner of Kwik learning is a huge advocate for the benefits of reading after he faced troubles as a child and learned to overcome them through reading, even myself, I’ve not just improved from what I’ve read but also the act of reading has benefited me in many ways such as spelling and writing.

Self improvement books can vary from about £4 to roughly £12 which you can find here but, luckily with technological advances it is now possible to listen to books whilst you’re on your daily commute, building a business or running errands. Because I love you so much and with the help of audible here is a FREE TRIAL to their services so you can listen to the bestsellers, new releases and much much more!

Some of the links in this blog are affiliate links which means you can purchase the product and I will make a commission of it but IT WILL NOT be at an extra cost to you, any money I money I make through this is put towards the upkeep and improvement of this blog. Thank you in advance, Jake.
If you have any further questions, remarks or requests for what you would like to see more of, you can comment here on the blog, or message us on Instagram, Facebook or email.

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