The 10 best self care gifts for Christmas (2020)

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It’s been a rough time for everyone this year, with rates of depression and feelings of loneliness rising throughout but, it doesn’t have to ruin “the most wonderful time of the year.” Although gifts aren’t the answer to everything, they can bring some light in such dark times, especially for those who might be struggling with their mental well-being a little and that’s why we created this list of the ten best self care presents for that special someone this Christmas below.

1.) Mindfulness cards: Simple practices for everyday life

Mindfulness is one of the most well-known self-care practices used to help improve people’s mental well-being but, what actually is it? Well… mindfulness can be described as paying attention to the present moment in a non-judgmental way. You can focus on what you feel, hear, smell and think, this is why mindfulness cards are such a good present to help someone introduce themselves to mindfulness.
This 50+ portable pack of brightly-colored cards guides people through a mindfulness exercise or technique every single day. This cool deck is devided into 4 color-coded categories to help people become more present in different ways:
  • Rest and balance
  • Insight and awareness
  • Curiosity and joy
  • Kindness
On one side of the card there is a sweet and simple reminder to keep the people you love in the hear and now, but turn it over and you have an in depth guide or information about the topic. There’s even some blank cards for you to create your own inspiring “nudges” to help you like your best life in a hectic 21st century. You can get your hands on these for just £11.99 on Amazon by clicking the button below.

2.) Self care Subscription box

Christmas is such a happy time for most people around the world but it seems as soon as it starts, it’s over again and the Christmas spirit just seems to fade away over time. You can keep your friends and family singing and dancing all throughout the year by buying them a monthly subscription box.
In the Therabox you receive 1 activity to keep your brain tip-top condition + 6-8 self love goodies and you know it’s good when crafted by trained therapist’s. You can get all of this for just $39.99 per month by clicking the link below.

3.) The 5 minute journal

Journaling is a process in which you write down your thoughts and feelings on to paper. There have been many scientifically reported benefits of using a journal, and some studies have even suggested that they might be just as good as treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy for helping people with depression, anxiety and stress.
There’s all kinds of different journals out there but, one that stands out among the rest for improving mental health is the 5 minute journal! This small book of wellbeing (known as the toothbrush for the brain), prompts you to explore your mind using questions based off positive psychology, to help look for the good in life.
If someone that you know has trouble staying in the present, overthinking things in their head or easily gets stuck in negative thought patterns, this might just be the best gift for you to get them. For just £19.00 you can buy them this journal and help them, help themselves.
4.) Adult coloring book
At school I think there was two types of people; you either loved playing sports in P.E. or you was really creative and your art classes were your favorite lesson to be in, if the person you know was more of the arty type keep reading. As we get older, a lot of the fun things we used to do as a child like coloring, take a backseat due to all our other responsibilities but, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest these things shouldn’t just stop when we leave school! Check out the benefits of art therapy here.
Adult coloring books like this one have become very popular in recent years, not just because of there benefits but also because they are really fun and therapeutic to do. If someone that you know likes to get creative in their free time, this is a great little buy for £5.20 by using this link.

5.) Essential oil diffuser

There have been a few studies that have shown the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy but there are some smells that pack a stronger punch. The smell of lemon has been seen to help improve the moods of people with depression and anxiety.
This essential oil diffuser has 7 different LED color options and comes with 12 of the best essential oil bottles. You can get all of this for £43.99 on Amazon.

6.) Weighted blanket

On a cold winters day, all it takes is a nice “cuppa” and a heavy blanket to put anyone in a cheerful mood and that’s why weighted blankets are such a good present. Although there isn’t a lot research on them, there are some studies that show there may be a benefit for people with autism, anxiety, insomnia and even dementia, however, the reason for this is unknown.
This weighted blanket will be great to snuggle in whilst watching a Christmas movie, you can purchase it here for just £80.99

7.) Meditation app subscription

We’ve said it plenty of times before but just to reiterate, there are so many scientifically proven benefits of meditation. One of the most common things that people struggle with when it comes to meditation is finding it hard to concentrate and that’s why it’s using an app is the best place to start as a beginner.
There’s plenty of amazing apps out there, from headspace to calm which both offer a giftable option for you to purchase. You can press the icons below to check both out.

8.) Meditation cushion

Now that you have got your friend or family member a subscription to a meditation app, you need to get them something to sit on. When meditating it is important to sit up straight whilst still being comfortable so that you focus on your breath and what your guide is telling you but, sitting on the floor can give you a saw bum that can be very distracting.
This stylish looking cushion would look great in anybody’s home and if comfort is the number one priority, you can’t go wrong with buying this as a Christmas gift. You can get it here for £29.94

9.) Personalized motivational mirror decal vinyl stickers

In one of our posts we spoke to a sports psychologist who knows her stuff about how to create a positive mindset and one of her tips was about the power of positive affirmations, these are short sentences that you read to yourself to motivate, inspire and influence yourself throughout the day. We believe that these “I am” affirmations are great to use first thing in the morning but, it can be hard to build the habit of consistently using them so, it’s great if you can pair them with one of your other habits in your morning routine and that’s we love these Personalized motivational mirror vinyl stickers!
You can create a personalized affirmation or quote for your friend to stick on to their mirror, so every time that they go to do their skin care routine, they will be reminded on how amazing they are. Prices do vary due to the great customizable features such as text, font and size.

10.) Light therapy box

Many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder also known as SAD, which is a type of depression that people experience during specific times of the year, specifically during the winter time. SAD is thought to be due to a lack of light and during the holiday season it’s obviously very dark, this is why some people purchase light box’s.
Some evidence suggests that they may be effective in helping people with SAD as it is thought that the box simulates natural light which helps produce the hormone serotonin (happy chemical) and decrease the production of the hormone melatonin (sleepy chemical).
If someone you know surfers from the winter blues, this stylish light box would be a great present for just £69.95

Bonus gift

Although I’m sure your friends and family would love the presents listed above, the best gift that you could give them this Christmas is your time. Whether it’s a simple phone call, homemade present or a zoom party together, try making time for your loved ones.
The 10 best self care gifts to buy your friends and family for Christmas this year 2020
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