The 10 best presents for healthy people

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Heavy Adjustable dumbbell weights

When it comes to working out at home, I’m assuming that most people don’t have the room to have the full equipment and that’s why using adjustable dumbells are so effective.
Not only can you use these dumbells for curls but, you can also turn it into a barbell for chest day.
If the person you know is trying to make some gains over the Christmas period, you can buy them this amazing gift for £69.99.

The best Massage Gun

A huge part of anyone’s health and fitness journey, is one that is often ignored and pushed to the side… that’s right, recovery.
Recovery is a game changer but, not everyone has the time to go and get a sports massage and that’s why percussion massage guns have become so popular.
This lightweight mini theragun is easy to handle and it’s so small it will fit in anybody’s gym bag with lots of room to spare.
If you’re friend wants to improve their pre-workout by improving blood flow, as well as enjoy their post-workout stretch by massaging the muscles, you need to buy them this.
You can purchase this for $199.

The best Portable treadmill

With everybody being stuck at home, it’s hard to get the right amount of exercise when we want to stretch our legs.
If you can’t go to the gym due to current restrictions, why not bring the gym to you? With this small portable treadmill you can run to your hearts content (because you won’t actually be moving forward.)
You can fold this non-electrical treadmill up so it fits in a cupboard for later use, or hang it on the wall for a quick access training session.
All just for $116.99

No plastic Yoga mat

Yoga is gaining huge popularity around the world, for both it’s spiritual and mental benefits and the physical benefits when used to exercise.
Although you can be pretty self sufficient when doing because you only need to be able to move your body, completing your stretches on a cold and hard floor can be rather uncomfortable, this is why people use yoga mats.
If your yogi friend is also a tree hugging Hippie that wants to save the planet, you don’t have to worry about buying them this as a gift due to how eco-friendly it is.
The yoga mat is made out of cork of Oak trees and natural rubber from sustainable rubber farms, meaning it is recyclable and biodegradable. You can buy it here from yoga matters for £65.

Peloton app gift subscription

You might of heard of Peloton as it is revolutionizing the at home gym world by storm, they’re most well known for their exercise bike, however, it’s a little bit pricey so they have recently brought out an app.
This app allows you to work out from home no matter the circumstances, it’s not just for working out either, there is also customizable classes for yoga, meditation, cardio and much more.
This is a great gift for any fitness freak out there and you can get it for £12.99.

The fastest running shoes in the world

Is the person you know, a bit of a perfectionist? They want to be faster, stronger and beat all of their personal best’s every time they tie their shoe laces.
If they do have a slightly concerning competitive spirit, I’m sure that they would love the Nike Air zoom alphafly.
These trainers were worn by Eliud Kipchoge in which he ran an unbelievable marathon time of just 1 hour 59 minutes and 40 seconds, which many believed was impossible.
You might have to push the boundaries of your budget a little, but them few extra pounds are worth every penny to shave off a few seconds of your loved ones personal best!
You can get your hands on these snazzy, springy and supportive trainers for £275

Exercise dice to make training fun

Workout routines can become quite tedious at times, especially if you do the same thing over and over again.
One of the most important things needed to stick to the habit of training is making it more fun and that’s why these dice are so useful.
These awesome dice will help anyone change up their boring gym routine by adding a randomizer element to it, it can control how many reps you do, which body part you work on and so much more! It’s that good, it was featured on ABC news.
If the person you love is trying to add some spice to their sets, you can buy them this as a present from Amazon for £26.97.

 The best Smart scales

It’s common to pile on a few pounds during the festive season and that’s totally fine, but when not being your ideal weight makes you feel sluggish and miserable, it might be time to start tracking your weight.
If your friend is into fitness and nutrition, I’m sure they won’t take this as a back handed complement… in fact I think they will adore you for it.
Not only can smart scales track your weight for you, they have a whole host of different tools you can use.
This smart scale has 13 essential body measurement features, from a BMI calculator to a bone mass measurement.
This sleek design sync’s to the app and can be used by 24 individuals so you can buy it for a whole family or as a work fitness initiative for £18.58

Personalized vitamins

How can you have a list of the best Christmas gifts without having something that can be personalized on it, it just doesn’t make sense.
With these vitamins, not only can you order the right vitamins to people’s individual needs but, you can also put your friends name on the packet to make it a little more personal.
Although an unusual present, personalized vitamins are becoming the new trend and you can’t ignore the fact that having a strong immune system is so important during these times.
You can purchase these at care of but, make sure that the person you are buying them for consults their medical professional first.

Health checker

Before anyone starts their fitness journey, it’s vital that they have an overview of their current health to check for abnormalities and track their progress.
This machine can do pretty much anything from measuring your oxygen levels to testing your heart through it’s ECG technology. This all comes in a small and compact gadget that can be used whilst traveling.
You can buy this from wellue who are a leading medical business that create FDA approved products.
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