Q1 review and how to plan for Q2 in 2022

It’s coming to that time where you need to start reviewing your first quarter and planning out your Q2 goals.

You are definitely in the right place because we’re here to guide you through the process of making this year a success for you.

Before we start, let’s do a quick rundown of everything that we need to know.

What are Q2 goals?

Your second quarter (Q2) goals are what you are planning to accomplish in the 4th to 6th month of the year, April, may and June. Q2 accumulates to 90 days of planning and action around the goal that you are working on and contribute to your overall yearly targets. They can be focused on business or lifestyle.

Why should you set Q2 goals?

The 2nd quarter is a great time to solidify what you have already been working on in the first part of the year and narrow down exactly what it is that you want to focus on. Q2 is a great time to start making progress on your more long-term targets and finally getting to see some results from the work that you have already put in.

 Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s start the process of reviewing your first 3 months and planning for the next 3 months.

Here are some printable templates you can use whilst you start reviewing and planning.

Step 1. Gather your files from Q1 and preparation for Q2

Get everything from your first quarter including the worksheets we provided last quarter and any other things you used to track your progress like a weekly planner.

Download and print the two free templates above and get a pen, highlighter and a focused brain ready to take on the 2nd quarter!

Step 2. Review Q1

If you followed our Q1 planning, we can assume that this year is already going great and now it’s time to review how well you are actually doing.

Are you under performing or more likely over achieving!

Using your Q1 template from before, ask yourself whether you have accomplished the 3 projects you set yourself. are you falling behind, on track or ahead of what you wanted to achieve. On your review template circle what stage your at, you can also write any additional notes underneath each project.

Underneath this you have 3 more separate sections to write down what you might need to change or adapt with each project.

Step 3. Adjust from what you have learnt in q1

After you have completed your q1 review it’s time to move on to the second quarter planning, which starts off with an adjustment phase, using the information you learned in the review.

If you are further on than what you expected or exactly where you should be, you probably have 3 new projects to work on to get you closer to the main goal you are aiming for. You can write the 3 new projects down in the 3 small boxes provided.

Underneath this you have a larger square where you can write down everything that each project entails and where you can improve on what you have done so far.

If you are just starting or are a little behind, you can still use this part as a way of defining what you need to do and how it is that you are going to do it.

Step 4. Build strong habits

Even though projects are a lot smaller than your main objective, they can still be quite overwhelming and hard to keep to and that’s why having some habits that will make you stick to working on your project are so beneficial.

Try thinking of around three habits that will aid you in getting results for each project.

Lets say one of your projects was to grow your social media, your habits could be researching and engaging with your target audience, creating multiple forms of content for different platforms and uploading twice a day.

Step 5. Track your results

Just like last quarter, it’s important to gauge how well you are doing for the next quarter and that’s why tracking every aspect of your progress is vital for your success.

You can use weekly planners, to-do lists and check boxes to keep you on track along the way.

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