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Here at brain boosted, we’re huge advocates for using mindfulness practices to improve mental clarity, negative emotions and productivity. These mindfulness practices come in the form of things such as meditations and types of Journaling which will be discussed in this blog post. If you struggle with stress and anxiety, brain fog or setting up your day to succeed keep reading.

What are Morning pages?

Morning pages is a Journaling technique that you can use to get a true insight on what is going on in your head, this is done by writing in a stream of consciousness format. A stream of consciousness is when you write down exactly what is going on in your head right now, you don’t have to think of anything, you just write down what that voice in your head is telling you, instead of thinking what to write, you’re writing what you think. You write for 3 pages in long hand writing, meaning that you write as you would normally. even when you come to a stop and you feel like there’s nothing else to say, you literally write “I can’t think of what to write next.” This should unblock the resistance that you are facing.
The morning pages practice comes from the book the artists way written by Julia Cameron who describes this method as the bedrock tool of creative recovery as this is what the book is all about, however, any body can use morning pages and it has been seen to help with managing your mental health and having a clearer understanding of who you are right now! Morning pages are very similar to the brain dump technique in how you just spill the beans about your life although, with morning pages you write everything down and put it away instead of trying to organize it and use it to influence your day. If you would like to get your hands on the book the artists way for more ideas on creativity, you can do by clicking the picture of it below.

What do you write in the morning pages?

When it comes to what to write in your morning pages, there aren’t really any rules. You can write about what you are grateful for, what challenges you are facing or what you plan on achieving this day, anything that comes to your mind. You should aim to enter a flow like state in which you are constantly writing, without pausing to think. This should be perfectly imperfect in the fact that it is letting your subconscious free, you shouldn’t try and make it look all fancy, it should be 3 pages about you, by you!

Benefits of morning pages

Writing your morning pages everyday has many benefits and there are some that stand out when comparing it to other forms of Journaling, here are some of them:
  • Clear your mind: Do you find it hard to switch off from the things that you have to do in life? Do you wake up feeling overwhelmed by the tasks that you have got to complete? Well, by allowing your brain to release all of the built-up tension through writing your morning pages, everything becomes a little bit clearer and you can prioritize your focus on the more important things in life.
  • Process your thoughts and feelings: When writing your morning pages, it’s not all about looking on the bright side, like so many other types of journals prompt. Anxiousness, fear, depression and so many more are very heavy and can hold you back in life but, by expressing the thoughts inside of your head, you offload the burden on to paper.
  • Unleash your creativity: Creativity is something that is hard to find and one of the best ways to do this, is just by letting your mind wonder through writing your morning pages. Isn’t it funny how when you are doing a miscellaneous task, like driving a car or brushing your teeth, you come up with the best ideas? Well, it’s because you allow your brain to relax and if you do this whilst writing your morning pages, who knows what crazy inventions you could come up with, you could become the next Elon Musk or Thomas Edison.
  • Silence your inner critic: Because morning pages is done through a stream of conscious writing and you are expressing only what is going on in your mind at that moment, there is no room for your inner critic to take over.

If you would like to give morning pages a try, we’ve created a downloadable PDF that you can print and use to take back control of your life, just click the button below.

 Morning pages download

Rules and tips for writing your morning pages

Now that you have your morning pages, there are some things that you should know to make your experience even better!

Rule no1 of morning pages, don’t talk about morning pages

Your morning pages are for you and for you only, you shouldn’t be sharing what you wrote with anyone, nor should you leave it around the house for everyone to have a nosey into your life. Keep your morning pages safe whether that’s in a draw or under your bed, think of it like your secret diary with all the gossip in that you wouldn’t want anyone else knowing.

Don’t hold back

When it comes to writing your thoughts down on to a piece of paper, you might feel the urge to restrict or alter what you are thinking about but, with morning pages there should be no censoring, it’s better on paper than in your head. If you’re mad about something, write about it. If someone has upset you, put the pen to paper and have a good old moan, Abraham Lincoln used to use a technique similar to this called hot letters where If he was mad at someone, he would write an angry letter to them as if he was going to send it. Just don’t try and sugar coat what you write.

Don’t be fancy

You don’t need to worry about your handwriting, nor do you need to worry about your Grammar. As we already said, this is for your eyes only so, there’s no need to become a spelling bee. It’s just three easy pages and then you put it back where it belongs.

Limit distraction

When you’re trying to get into that flow like state, as soon as your mind gets distracted your whole attention goes from what you are writing and you lose track of your thoughts. Whether it’s devices like the notifications on your phone or your family asking you what you want for breakfast, being distracted can cloud your mind, if it’s the phone, turn it on silent and if it’s people, kindly ask them to give you some time for yourself.

Incorporate it into your routine

Routines are very powerful, especially a morning routine as it decides whether you will start the day off on the right foot. Whether you like a cold shower that gives you a boost in energy or your more of a calm meditation kind of person, try and involve it in your morning. Routines allow you to build habits that stick and that’s what you want with morning pages.

Make it enjoyable

One way that you can do this is by turning it into a ritual, get excited about doing your morning pages and make something of it. Make a nice cup of tea, light a candle and have some fun. By making it an enjoyable experience, you are more likely to want to do it again and again.

Put on some background music

Not only does listening to music make you feel more awake, it will make you feel less anxious and a lot calmer so you can get into the groove. Try and avoid music with lyrics in it as this could influence what you write, instead, listen to white noise or ambient music which you can find on Amazon music.

Get good supplies

This isn’t a necessity but, how annoying is it when you start writing and all of a sudden your pen runs out of ink and you try all the different ways to get it back working that your mother taught you, like licking it and drawing on your shoe , only for it to still not work. Buy yourself a good journal, pen and anything else you might need.
Just incase you missed the free morning pages download, here it is again!
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