memory palace

Memory palace
how to remember more!
Are you having trouble remembering to feed the gold fish? Or forgetting your shopping list and then forgetting what what was on it? well your in luck because here at brain boosted we’ve learnt a little trick for remembering; lists, answers to questions and much much more, because we don’t want any upside down goldfish and don’t you just hate it when you forget to buy the milk.
We like to call this trick the memory palace, the reason for this name is because of how you use and practice it. Let’s say your building up to an exam in the next week and this will take place in a classroom, when studying you will use the objects around you to store information,
This works by using a location in your mind where you can store mnemonic images.
These are the steps to creating your own memory palace:
1. Choose a place you know well. This could be your home, office or school.
2. Plan out your whole route from start to finish. Eg front door, shoe rack, kitchen, bathroom etc. Eventually you will have a list of memory places.
3. Now take the list of what you want to remember.
4. Take one or two items from the list and image them as you are taking your memory route. Try to have the items interact with your locations. Eg have your item open the front door.
5. Make the images come alive. Image them with faces and arms and legs. Make them interact with your senses. Exaggeration and humour will help.
Tips: it can be helpful to keep your eyes closed as you mentally walk the journey. Do this several times then walk through the journey backwards to ensure you can remember this in both directions
On some of my recent blogs it has been questioned if I use these methods myself. So i put it to the test. I tried to eliminate as many extraneous variables as I could, this experiment was conducted in a classroom also. So firstly I was read 20 random words and given a minute to try and remember them. When I was ready I began listing out as many words as I could but found it very hard and struggled to push my answers to 5/20. Once I said I was finished we went through the list and i remembered a few more, maybe 8.  after this I put the memory palace to the test!!! So firstly I made my memory palace, in my case I used my house, but remember you can use anywhere you know quite well. After this I was read another set of random words and this time I linked them to the location of my memory palace. I put a lot of imagination in to connecting these and used emotion and meaningful things I could relate to, to try and remember them better, for example one of my words was fill and it was read out when I was at the sink of my memory palace, funnily enough I know a plumber called phill so I imagined him fixing my sink. After all 20 words was read out to me I was given a minute (which I don’t think I needed) to help me remember. Out of 20 words I got a whopping 14 correct answers!!! (nearly 15 but I could only describe the word and couldn’t actually think what it was) When writing this blog I can still remember majority of the words I guessed correctly and now I can’t get them out of my mind ;p
We know mock exams are coming up for many of you guys so we challenge you to make your own memory palace to help.
If you have any further questions, remarks or requests for what you would like to see more of, you can comment here on the blog, or message us on instagram  Facebook or email.

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