Limitless by Jim Kwik Book Summary Notes and Review

Here we will be summarizing some of the best concepts and tips in the book Limitless. Upgrade your brain, learn anything faster, and unlock your exceptional life – by Jim Kwik.

Hopefully we can showcase some of the best bits but we strongly recommend that you grab a copy of the book for the full experience and wisdom Jim shares.

Let’s begin!

The Limitless Model

The Limitless Model is a concept created by Jim Kwik (brain coach) which can help you to live a life with unlimited possibilities without being limited by fear, laziness or procrastination. The limitless model focuses on the 3 M’s: Mindset – the what, Motivation – the why, Methods – the how.

the limitless model. Mindset – the what, Motivation – the why, Methods – the how.

As you can see from the picture above, there are crossovers between each cornerstone of the limitless model. This showcases that to become limitless you need to master all 3 sections because without 1 of them you can’t fully become the person you want to be.

Let me explain a little more…

Mindset + Motivation = inspiration.

You are in the right frame of mind to take on any challenge and you have the motivation to do it, but because you don’t have the methods to implement and focus your energy on a task, you fail to get anything done.

Method + Motivation = implementation.

You know how to do something and have the energy to complete any task, but your results are going to be limited to what you feel you deserve and what you believe is possible because you lack the proper mindset.

Method + Mindset = ideation.

You have the skills and the right outlook to take on your big ambitious goals but, you lack the motivation to even get out of bed in the morning so you just stick to your unproductive schedule.

If you work on all areas of the limitless model, you won’t have any gaps in who you are that can slow you down. This can be thought of as a limitless state where they all intersect with each other.

So, what actually is a limitless mindset, motivation and method? and how do we achieve these states to become the best version of ourselves?

Limitless mindset

A limitless mindset is one that deeply believes that anything is possible with the right attitude and approach to life. Someone with a limitless mindset isn’t constrained by negative outside forces that tell who they are and what they are capable of doing.

One of the most important things you can do to improve your mindset, is overcoming your negative beliefs – the things that you or someone else keeps saying about you, that hold you back in life because you put so much weight behind them.

You might tell yourself you’re not good enough or that you aren’t capable of doing something but, you would be surprised how malleable your brain is and how much you can grow with just a few changes to your self talk, outlook and attitude.

How to overcome limiting beliefs

  • Give it a name – before you conquer any of these thoughts, feelings and opinions about yourself, you first need to identify what it actually is, give it a name. What have you or somebody else said you can’t do? Who did they say you can’t be? What did they say was impossible.
  • State the facts – are all the things said about you really true. What’s your evidence behind these beliefs? You might tell yourself that you are the worst at something but, is that really true? Think about how many times this is actually been the case, probably not many! What you tell yourself constantly is often what comes true, so avoid talking badly of yourself.
  • Create a new belief – now that you can laugh at your old belief system, it’s time to create a new one. A great way to change your identity from within is to use “I am” statements and affirmations. Look at your past successes and start from there.

I think the main point that I got from this section of the book, is that you have to truly believe in yourself no matter what and a lot of this comes from your internal voice In your head and the self talk you use.

You can be your own best friend or your worst enemy.

Limitless motivation

Limitless motivation is having the ability to happily work on your goals, no matter how big and impossible they might seem and even when don’t feel like being proactive, you still have a compelling enough reason to do so. You have the fuel to take action.

Just like mindset, motivation is not fixed and can be practiced, Jim puts it like this “motivation isn’t something that you have. It’s something that you do.” There’s even a formula to motivation! To be more specific, there are a set of rules and steps you can follow for sustained motivation.

Motivation formula = purpose x energy x S3 (small simple steps)

Let’s look at each component of the equation in more detail.

Finding purpose

Having a purpose is knowing what you are going to do for the rest of your life. How you are going to impact the world for the better by helping other people.

When you find out what this is, protect it at all costs because if you don’t say what you want to do, someone else will tell you what you have to do.

With an ambition many people set smart goals, which is great, but don’t forget the emotional part of having motivation. Think about these questions when deciding what you are going to do.

Why are you doing what you are doing, is it for someone else or will it contribute to your long-term goals?

what is the end goal in all of this, will it make you a healthier or happier person?

If you have a good enough reason, you won’t have to be pushed towards achieve something, instead, you will be pulled towards it.

Don’t confuse purpose with passion. Although they are very influential in shaping who we are and what we do, they are similar but different things.

Purpose is what you are here on Earth to do. Passion is what lights you up inside.

You also need to have a clear identity and know who you really are. Create some concrete values on who you want to be and what is most important to you.

We can often get distracted from our long term vision, usually as the result of FOMO (the fear of missing out) Jim suggests that we practice JOMO (the joy of missing out) Which is saying no to things that aren’t going to help you progress.

Boosting your energy

It’s important to manage your energy so that you can fulfil the goals that you have found purpose for.

How is this done?

Jim gives many ways we can maximize our brain energy and perform at our best, ill go through some of them now.

Staying healthy

Jim follows a similar approach to us when it comes to health, he focuses on the key components, sleep, nutrition and exercise.

Sleep – sleep is like the recovery period for your brain and helps flush out all the toxins built up throughout the day.

Nutrition – he shares his top 10 brain foods and some recipes mainly high in “good” fats, antioxidants and vitamins.

Exercise – just a small amount of exercise keep your brain in its optimal condition.

Reducing stress

Chronic stress can have debilitating effects on your health and performance, this is why managing it is so crucial. Often we’re our own worst enemies in this because of ANT’ no, not the creepy crawlies, it’s the Automatic Negative Thoughts that you are letting infest your mind with lies.

Your environment

You can look at this in two different ways; firstly the people that you surround yourself with – these need to be positive influences who push you towards your goals. Secondly, you need to limit your distractions to stay fully focused, that means decluttering your workspace and devices.

Small simple steps

A tiny action towards achieving your goals, that requires minimal effort or energy which helps you avoid feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

It’s all about breaking something down into small and attainable goals, tiny baby steps. Every time these become more autonomous, turning them into habits. Second, Jim goes on to explain the habit loop which you can find out more about in our Atomic Habits Book Summary.

Good habits are essential to making the right decision throughout the day so that you can perform at your best continuously. One way to easily encompass habits into your life, is to add them into your morning routine.

You can check out Jim kwik’s morning routine here!

There’s actually one more string to the bow of motivation, productivity and ultimately taking action and that is being in a flow state.

Flow state

Being in a flow state is described as being that point in which you are completely caught up in what you are doing that nothing else seems to matter in that moment, you loose track of time to the point you might even miss meals.

Dr. Csikszentmihalyi the man who first coined the idea describes flow as having eight characteristics:

  1. Absolute concentration
  2. Total focus on goals
  3. The sense that time is either speeding up or slowing down
  4. A feeling of reward from the experience
  5. A sense of effortlessness
  6. The experience is challenging, but not overly so
  7. Your actions almost seem to be happening on their own
  8. You feel comfort with what you are doing

As you can probably tell from the depth of information I have wrote, this is my favorite part of the book. You might be surprised that there is a lot more in this section to learn.

Limitless methods

Limitless methods is having the skills and the attributes of knowing how to do what you want to do. This is about being able to learn and take action without too much effort because you have the appropriate abilities to do so.

There are five areas of accelerated and meta learning that Jim talks about: focus, study, memory, speed reading and thinking.


Focus is the ability to wholeheartedly concentrate and use our skills on one task at a time. Jim puts it like this… We are the sun with our skills motivation, mindset and ability, having focus is kind of like having a magnifying glass that harnesses your power on to one point.

The opposite to focus is distraction, and it is a common and growing problem. Everything this fighting for our attention and it is our job to calm our mind.

One of the ways that we can do this is through a breathing technique called 4-7-8 breathing model which is where you breathe in for four seconds, Hold your breath for seven seconds and breathe out for a seconds.


Studying is a very outdated process, as it has not evolved with the circumstances of the world we live in. Information is such a valuable asset and we have the technology to access it, but sometimes we don’t have the competence to learn it.

With competence comes confidence.

One of the pieces of advice that I enjoyed learning about was when you are learning something, it is important to take notes as well as create notes, so that you can understand it better and personalize it towards your own life.

Note taking TIP:
  • THINK about what you want to take away from the session of learning.
  • IDENTIFY What is most important to you, this is because you can’t process everything
  • PRIORITIZE the most important information for your life.


We are quite quickly becoming too reliant on our technology to memorize everything for us from important peoples phone numbers to a complex theory that you need to remember for school, this is known as digital dementia.

So, how can you improve your memory?

The answer is simple… You’ve got to have a MOM

  • MOTIVATION – You’ve got to have a reason to want to remember, look for the benefits of acquiring that knowledge.
  • OBSERVATION – be fully present in what you are learning and understand every aspect.
  • METHODS – use memorization techniques to help you remember everything.

One method you can use is visualization.

a picture tells a 1000 words and using your imagination and emotion you can make boring words put together into an elaborate story that helps you remember vital information.

Another strategy you can use is something that we like to call “creating a memory palace” or as many others and Jim like to put it “The method of Loci” which you can learn how to use here.

speed reading

reading is a critical element to learning, it’s. It allows us to see things from a different person’s perspective, learn new expertise and train our brain to keep it growing. What if we could read faster? Comprehend more? And ultimately be more efficient at attaining wisdom?
we would be so much further on in our journey if this was possible. Well what if it is through learning how to speed read?!

How to improve reading speed:

  • Use your pen or finger as a tracker, like you did in school
  • Expand your peripheral vision, read multiple words at once
  • Stop rereading the same sentence because you loose focus
  • Don’t subvocalize, don’t read it in your head
  • Make sure your book is in the right position

The aim is to try and make reading a habit so don’t push yourself to hard so, only read for about 20 minutes a day.


you can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking you used to create them, this means that we must approach things differently if we have a desire to achieve different results than what we are used to.

Thinking is often automatic so, it can be beneficial to have shortcuts and cheat codes you can fall back on in different scenarios in your life, Jim calls these mental models.

Mental models

For decision making, use the 40/70 rule

We have made the decision with less than 40% of the information you can get and no more than 70% of what is available. With less than 40 percent you don’t know enough to make a valid decision and with more than 70 percent you are stalling and missing out on opportunities.

For productivity, create a not to do list

Creating a not to do list helps you to focus on what is most valuable to you and not get distracted from unimportant tasks. Lear how to create a not to do list here.

For problem solving, study your errors

When something doesn’t go quite to plan, look at your results to see where things went wrong and try to follow it back to a route cause so you can make more informed decisions next time.

For strategy, use second order thinking

Reason in time increments, imagine what the consequences and positives will be in doing in 5 days or even 5 weeks. This allows you to think long term and strategize your next step. When you think of part of your plan ask yourself “then what?” To see where that path might take you.

This part of the book gives you some very valuable techniques and strategies to use in your every day life so put them to use.

There’s lots more to learn written in this book from healthy food brain recipes, to acronyms that help you to remember how to memorize people’s names, get the book now:

limitless book

I’ll now be reviewing the book and share some extra bits of information about the book.

the book in 3 sentences 

we have the ability to change no matter what our circumstances.

we need to have a good mindset, unlimited motivation and the right methods to achieve our goals.

unlock your brains capabilities so that you can live without limits.

impressions of the book

I loved how Jim made the book interactive and very practical by adding questions that you can ask yourself before you start the chapters and the kwik starts which are short snippets in the book consisting of practical tips you can use in your life instantly.

who should read this book

people who want to learn how to learn, not only that but people who may be struggling with getting in a positive mindset and those who are having trouble feeling any motivation to get up and take on the day.

how this book changed me

this book has helped me escape my limiting beliefs about myself, by showing me how to taking back control of my brain.

I've also got more of an understanding of how I can motivated myself instead of relying on outside forces to push. me in the right direction.

this book has taught me methods in which I can accelerate my learning to be more productive and get the most out of my days.

best quotes in limitless by Jim Kwik

  1. “learning how to learn is the ultimate superpower”
  2. “ fire can cook your food or burn your home down its all in how you use it.”
  3. “give a person an idea, and you enrich their day. teach a person how to learn and they can enrich their life.”
  4. “it's not how smart you are, it's how you are smart.”
  5. “too many of us don't come close to our capacities because we are too afraid of making a mistake.”



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