How to find your life purpose 
Have you been struggling to find your why? Do you feel like your working but don’t know where your heading? Do you question why your here? Well here at brain boosted we’ve learnt a secret method to help you find your WHY! 
IKIGAI is a word from Japanese tradition meaning “ a reason for being” ikigai can also help us reflect and know why we get up in the morning. This is done by drawing 4 circles which overlap each other evenly. These 4 circles all combine to help us find our ikigai (our purpose) you can see how this is done in the diagram below 
The first and top circle is ( what you love )
What do you enjoy, what really gets you excited, these are the questions you need to be asking yourself. Me personally I really enjoy self improvement, practical tips on how to be a better person. 
The right circle is ( what the world needs )
This could be how you help the world or the people on it. Diagnosis of depression and other mental illnesses is becoming more apparent so I not only want to help people out of this but support them become the best version of themselves. 
The bottom circle is ( what people would pay you for )
what can you offer to the world in return for money. I want to offer courses, books, mentorship and much more let me know what you think about this, and whilst we’re talking about this why don’t you become a part of what we’re doing here by getting some merchandise! 
The left circle is ( what I’m good at )
what skills do you have, what stands you out from the rest. We’ll teach you a way of finding these out in another blog. Some of my qualities are loyal, easy to talk to and funny. 
Between what you love and what the world needs you will find your                       ( mission ) 
Between what the world needs and what you can be paid for you will find your      ( vocation ) 
Between what you can be paid for and what you are good at you will find your        ( profession )
Finally between what you are good at and what you love you will find your             ( passion )
All of these will add together to help you find your passion! We advise you to make your own ikigai that is personal to you! Post it to Instagram and tag us in it for a FREE shoutout!
If you have any further questions, remarks or requests for what you would like to see more of, you can comment here on the blog, or message us on Instagram, Facebook or email. 

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