how to make a great first impression

The very first time you meet someone you best believe that they’re forming opinions about you. From the way that you look, dress, smell and so much more. The first few seconds are so vital in the progression of a relationship.


Why is it important to make a good first impression?

It can be so hard to change someone’s perception of you, so you’ve got to make the first one count. By the first few seconds of interacting with people they’ve already subconsciously made up their minds if they’re going to: give you a job, be friends or go on a date with you.

The five tips to leave a good first impression

Unfortunately we can’t have everything we want, you might be short and not everyone might like it, their ex might have been short in stature. There’s always going to be people who already have predetermined notions about you due to stereotypes and schema’s from their past. Is this Fair? No it’s not, but you can’t avoid it! Luckily for us there is things we can change in order for us to make a great first impression. So let’s get into it.
  1. Appearance: Basically, fix up, look sharp. Now I’m not saying to go out and buy a £100 suit or dress, but what I am suggesting is that you dress with purpose all the time, You never know who you might see, you could potentially meet your future wife at the aubergine aisle, so no off days. I know this might sound shallow but it’s true, I often look at people’s shoes to see what type of person they are, it helps me get a better understanding of what they’re into and how I can start a conversation. Imagine yourself as a gift. You know how important packaging and presentation is.
  2. Body language: Showing confidence is a great way to make a first impression because it makes people feel comfortable around you and they feel like they can talk openly. How can you do this? Well a great way to show confidence is with body language specifically open body language, walking slow, good eye contact and doing it all with a straight back and a puffed out chest. I don’t want you to be like one of them “gym lads” that walk around like they own the place, more of a quietly confident person, someone who knows their own worth.
  3. Verbal: Soo basically u ned to tlk proly….. It’s so hard to build a good connection with someone who doesn’t talk properly. You need to speak with assertiveness, like your meant to be there and every word should matter. No mumbling or talking like a mouse, I’m working on both of these myself as I’m guilty of both of them, this doesn’t mean shout over everyone just so your point is heard. But how do you expect to get what you want if you say everything under your breath with no conviction. Let me give you two examples, so you can make your own mind up: Would you like to go on a date? Or. Hi ermmmm I saw you standing by yourself and was just wondering if ermmm you would like to go out sometime, for a date… or as friends, it’s up to you.
  4. Active listener: What’s that you might ask? It’s when you’re super engaged and focused on what the other person is saying to you, giving them all your attention. I think we’re all guilty of zoning out sometimes but you’ve got to limit the distraction. No phones or games just listening and asking appropriate questions when the time is right. Just imagine how rude it would be if you was on a date and your guest was on the phone all night, putting your phone upside down on the table just isn’t good enough, it should be on silent in your pocket or even better at home.
  5. Sincere compliment: How nice is it to receive a compliment, you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. The best ones to give are ones about someone’s personality instead of their looks because it’s something they’ve put effort into, although it may be hard to compliment someone on their personality if you’ve just met them, you could use the FORD technique to get the conversation started.

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