How to hack your brain and use your brainwaves

Do you know someone who just seems to be naturally gifted, someone who doesn’t even break a sweat under pressure or someone who just seems to be in the right mindset whatever adversities they face? Well one explanation for these some what like superpowers they have is their ability to alternate through different brainwaves at ease, and do you want to know the best part about it…? You can do this to! Are you ready to learn? If so, keep reading this blog so you can learn how to hack your brain to ultimately become a better you!
You might of heard a little about brainwaves before and seen it with some pictures of a monk with glowing chakra’s, but don’t worry, its not all wishy washy fake shenanigan’s, it’s actually based off of years of scientific research and we are now only begining to learn more about it.
What are brainwaves
 Brainwaves are rhythmic or repetitive patterns of neural activity in the central nervous system, for me and you, assuming you’re not a scientist it’s basically the little neurons in our brain communicating with each other to create what we call brainwaves.

How many brain waves are there?

 There’s five types of brain waves and each of them serve a purpose in helping you perform optimally. These 5 brainwave states are…
  • Gamma
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Theta
  • Delta
Our brain’s have an incredible ability to adapt and transition through different brain wave frequencies this plays a large role in how successful we are at managing stress, focusing on tasks, and getting a good night’s sleep. If one of the five types of brain waves is either overproduced and/or under produced in our brain, it can cause problems. For this reason, it is important to understand that there is no single brain wave that is “better” than the others, they’re just good for different things also all five brainwaves are active at the same time, it’s just that one is more dominant depending on your consciousness.
So let’s look at these 5 brainwaves in more detail, but first you should understand how they are measured. As we said before brainwaves are all the small neurons in your brain working together to pass electrical messages around. We can see this by using a electroencephalography machine or if you don’t want to get tongue twisted an EEG machine for short, this measures electrical activity in your brain, this is displayed through a electroencephalogram which looks a bit like the wiggly line that shows you how fast your heart is beating. The x axis depicts time and the y axis depicts amplitude, here’s a diagram to help.
This is measured in Hertz (Hz) which helps us to understand the frequency our brain is in. If you would like to learn more about this click here

The five brain waves


Gamma brainwaves are involved in higher processing tasks, learning and concentration. It is believed that they help you make stronger memories and process information more efficiently. These help you with larger tasks as they seem to use all different parts of your brain, you will often see this type of brainwave when you’re “in the zone” like me now as I am writing this blog I am fully focused on the task at hand. Gamma is a new brainwave as scientists didn’t know about it because the technology that was being used couldn’t measure the Gamma frequency but, now with EEG machines these are now possible to record.
The frequency range of Gamma brainwaves is 25-100Hz the average in humans is around 40hz. This is what it would look like:


Beta waves are what you tend to be in most of the time. This is when you are alert and attentive of what is going on around you. It helps with problem solving and focus, While Beta brain waves are important for effective functioning throughout the day, they also can translate into stress, anxiety and restlessness. This is your general tasks brain waves, helping you to perform daily jobs. This can occur when you get distracted from a task where you’re not fully focusing.
The frequency range of Beta brainwaves is 12-50Hz. This is what it would look like:


This one isn’t about being an alpha male full of testosterone and being super active, it’s actually quite the opposite, alpha brain waves occur when you are super chilled, this can make you feel relaxed and very calm, this brainwave can be very useful in bridging the gap between your subconscious and conscious mind through visualizing and day dreaming as it is between the more awake brain waves (Gamma,beta) and the more asleep brainwaves (theta,delta) which we’ll be learning about next.
The frequency range of Alpha brainwaves is 7-14Hz. This is what it would look like:


When your frequency slows down you begin to enter the theta brainwave, this is that moment you get right before you fall to sleep. I love this brainwave even though I don’t experience it much, you feel like you are floating and are in a trance like state. You may feel more connected, imaginative and intuitive, this state can offer you insight in to your deepest desires and visualize what you want to achieve.
The frequency range of Theta brainwaves is 4-8Hz. This is what it would look like:


This brainwave is where you recharge your batteries so you have an extra BOOST for the day after. You enter this state when you are in a deep sleep, this helps you to feel revitalized and rejuvenated. It also helps your immune system and sets you up for a bright and successful day. If you would like to learn more about how to get a good night’s sleep click here.
The frequency range of Delta brainwaves is 0-4Hz. This is what it would look like:
Now you might be thinking “I’ve come here to learn how to hack my brain” and all I’ve talked about is different brainwaves. So how do you hack your brain into inducing these different types of brainwaves.

The 4 best ways to get into the zone

Binaural beats

Binaural beats are beats that you listen to that can alter your brainwaves, the way in which these work is in one ear you will hear a higher tone and the other ear you will hear a lower tone. This then tricks the brain in to not knowing which frequency is being played, this makes the brain use the difference in frequency as it’s own brainwave. For example a tone at a frequency of 315 Hz is played in your left ear. In your right a tone of 325 Hz is played. The resulting frequency is 10 Hz.  Your brain synchronizes to the frequency of these tones and generates its own frequency around 10 hz and from what we’ve already taught you this would put you in the alpha brainwave state. A great way you can do this is by making your own beats with binaural builder pro so you don’t have to listen to music you don’t like and you’re fully in control of what brainwave you’re putting yourself into.


Meditation is good for everything, you know that and by the looks of things it’s good for entering certain brainwaves for example the alpha state. Meditating helps you to quiet down the constant talking in your head and focus on the present. You can alter which brainwave you’re in and ultimately control your feelings and emotions. If you would like to know the basics of meditation you can read this blog.

Neuro feedback

Feedback changes any system to which it is added.  Apply feedback to your own brain and you have the ability to empower yourself to live to your fullest potential. Neuro feedback is a way of collecting data and information about your brain so you can adapt, refine and reform into a better you. One way you can do this is by using a Muse Headband which is like your own portable EEG machine, you can also link it to the last tip of meditation as it has an app you can use with guided meditations.


Nootropics, also known as smart pills are tablets that can positively affect your sleep, performance and you guessed it… brainwaves now there is so much to talk about when it comes to nootropics so I’m going to talk about them in other blogs but for let’s talk about how they can affect your brainwaves. Nootropics can alter how the neurons in your brain communicate with each other, they can also increase and decrease the neurotransmitters that get passed around between them. There’s many nootropics so have a look here, I’ve started you of on L-Theanine which is a very well known nootropic.
If you have any further questions, remarks or requests for what you would like to see more of, you can comment here on the blog, or message us on Instagram, Facebook or email.

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