most efficient way to be more productive

Want to learn the most efficient way of getting stuff done? Is work getting the better of you? Are procrastinating about procrastinating?

Well don’t worry because today we will be teaching you about desktime who are a business devoted to helping you and your work force be the most productive. Our brain is like a muscle as it needs rest to be able to function and if it’s overworked it’ll burn out, this principle applies to productivity as when you don’t find the sweet spot that suits you best in your work / rest balance you find yourself either sitting watching tv all day or staring at your textbook hoping you will still pass your exams even though you’ve done nothing.

So desktime thought they would put the big question to the test “what’s the best work/ rest schedule to be the most productive. They found that the top 10% of the most productive people had a 52 minute work time and 17 minute rest time. This can also be called the 100% dedication theory meaning that you fully commit to the task you’ve set for yourself and in the 17 minute rest you take yourself away from the situation. You would use this technique with the pomodoro technique to get the most out of yourself and those around you.

Breaks are so important for a productive life and their is much evidence supporting this. The average worker spends much of their 8 hours doing things they probably shouldn’t be. But what should you do in your breaks you may be asking, well there’s many things you can do but something I would strongly recommend is going for a walk as there is much scientific evidence to suggest that walking and sunlight is very good for our productivity. one study found that siting down all day can be just as detrimental as smoking. obviously you can't expect this method to work for you just because it has worked for others however they used a large sample size so it would suggest that it works for most people, i think its best to do your own little experiment as we are all different and we need to find what suits us best.

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