Brain freeze

Brain freeze
health benefits of cold showers
Are you struggling to find that extra boost? Feeling a bit groggy this week and have no energy? Well you’ve come to the right place! Today I will be explaining the health benefits of having a cold shower every morning and also my personal experience with them. I’ve been having freezing cold showers now for roughly 2 years! Yes I know I must be crazy, But I can honestly say they’ve helped me on my mission to find self actualisation, I’ll explain more as you read on. Having cold showers is an up and coming method of self improvement but has been said to have humongous benefits to the body, such as
*clears throat*
 Improved circulation. Good blood circulation is vital for overall cardiovascular health
 Relieves depression.Having a positive out look to life is a must
 Keeps skin and hair healthy. To make you look revitalised
 Strengthens immune system. A shower a day keeps the Dr’s away
 Increases testosterone. For strength and fertility
 Increases energy and well-being. As you know we are trying to find that extra boost for you
 Weight loss. Loosing weight due to high metabolism
And the list goes on. So what is my opinion on cold showers you may ask? Well let me take you back to January where my journey began, I wasn’t going through the best of times in my life but I’ll elaborate on this another time so let’s proceed. I found psychology and it has changed my life. One of the first things I learnt about was cold showers. I was probably thinking the same things as you are now “cold showers you must be joking!” “No chance” “I need a warm shower to wake me up in the morning” , but when I saw all the improvements that it would make in my life, personally I decided to take the risk. The next day I started my 30 day challenge of cold showers! So 7:00 the next morning with sleep in my eyes or as I like to call it eye bogies, I got in the shower full blast, on the coolest temperature possible and oh Lordy it was cold and I mean cold enough to inhabit a snowman. I fought through the initial shock and I didn’t let it brrrrr-eak me <— see what I did there ;p and after a while it wasn’t so bad, yes it was cold but it didn’t effect me to the point where I wanted to get out. Once I had finished washing myself I got in my bed for a moment to observe the effects and obviously I didn’t have instant weight loss or look stunningly better but I did feel very aware, energetic and in a much more positive mood. I completed my thirty day trial/challenge and haven’t stopped since, so obviously in my opinion they’re beneficial, however when I have my cold showers now I still feel uplifted by them but I’m not sure if it satisfies me enough now so I am looking for a new challenge to put myself through. When anyone asks me now “why are you so happy” “how are you this awake” or “how can I improve my lifestyle” my answer is almost always “have a cold shower tomorrow morning!” Another reason why I think cold showers are so amazing is even if you take away all the proven benefits from them you’ve still got the fact of first thing in the morning you’ve already pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and I think this sets a good standard for the day ahead as you feel that if you’ve had a freezing cold shower this morning what can stop me! This will almost certainly help you break barriers throughout the day.
Before partaking in this practice we strongly advise you to seek medical advice for your own well being If you have any further questions, or requests for what you would like to see more of, you can comment here on the blog, or message us on Instagram, Facebook or email.

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