beeminder tocks method

Do you procrastinate? Or maybe you struggle to get past that initial blockage when starting a new task? Do you want to learn a new study tip? Well today we will be learning about the beeminder tocks method which is a way of overcoming procrastination, you’ve probably heard of the pomodoro technique but this method is seen as more advanced. Beeminder is a business that works with you to help you achieve your goals by using accountability strategies and methods like the one we are using today. As there’s not much difference in the design of this method compared to the pomodoro technique, we won’t be going into much detail and today’s blog may be abit shorter but with some extra tips. So in basic you follow the same rules as the pomodoro technique but instead of 25 minutes work and 5 minutes you will do 45 minutes of work and 15 minutes rest, these 45 minutes of work are called tocks where you focus on one task. to lower the chance of distraction bringing you away from your work, have a piece of paper close by so when it does occur just write it down and get back to it in your free time. Some problems that you might find with this method is that you might struggle getting started or you might find yourself 30 minutes in and wondering how you got there! So what you can do to try and help these is start your tock every hour to get into a rhythm you could also race your friend to 6 tocks in a day. many of you probably don't have a timer never mind a beeminder tock. so just for you here is a link to the free  app called TIDE if you are an apple user click here and if you are an android user click here 


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