5 scientific ways to look more attractive to women

Reality check team! If you’re trying to attract a sexy señorita, cheesy one liners, weird pick up lines and being a clingy guy that’s always waiting for a message, isn’t your best friend… science is! In this blog we’ll be researching ways on how to look more attractive to women based of evidence and how you can implement these minor changes into your life to up your game when it comes to the ladies. Some of these techniques you may never have even heard of and it’s because the attractive men around you don’t want any competition as this is survival of the fittest, but don’t worry we’re going to even up the playing field for you by giving you some tips on how to look more attractive to women.

1. Symmetry improves attractiveness

If you look at good looking male celebrities one thing that you will find in common amongst them is that they have a more symmetrical face, take Tom Cruise for example a widely known attractive male, he has a tooth in the centre line of his face making his face more symmetrical. You might be wondering what I mean by this… well it’s simple, the more equal the sides of your face are, the more attractive you are. Before you bite my head off, let me finish, I understand that you can’t change your droopy eye or that mole that you have to the side of your nose (I have this) but you can do something about your asymmetrical face… one way you can make your face more symmetrical is by wearing glasses, wearing glasses is a great way of evening up the sides of your face making you look like Tom Cruise in top gun, which is defiantly going to pull in the ladies. Another reason why your face may be asymmetrical and undesirable is your teeth being wonky, which is where it would be advisable to go and see a trained dental practitioner. Here is a link to a study on symmetry and attractiveness. this theory suggests that having a symmetrical face means we are healthier and ready to reproduce

2. What is Mewing?

Never heard of this before? Well me neither until recently, mewing which is named after the orthodontists father and son (john and mike mew) who are pioneers in this controversial method for correcting malocclusion – or to me and you the misalignment that causes over-bites and under-bites, is the idea that we can change the structure of our head to help with things such as sleep apnea and what we’re looking at it for, how to be more attractive. One of the ways we can do this is by what mew calls “orthotropics” this is the technique of manipulating your tongue to push up against the roof of your mouth, this is to push your maxilla – the part of your cranium that supports your nasal passage, this will help your face fully develop. It is also advisable to breath through your nose. If you would like to learn more about this and other techniques you can use, go check the man himself out Mike mew on his YouTube channel.

3. Being in a group makes you look cool

What’s a group got to do with being attractive? Well one study found that when we associate ourselves in a group we are deemed as more attractive, this is due to the fact that when you are in a group with an attractive person they are noticed which brings the average attractiveness of the whole group up. So if you’re wondering if you should go out with your friends to grab some lunch, YES! You should. If you’re not the most popular you can read our blog on loneliness, to learn how you can be more sociable and meet new people.

4. Does smiling make you look handsome?

Well a recent study that went viral (that I can’t find, but here’s an overview) found that women find men who smile are less attractive than a man with a brooding pose and I kind of agree however it does depend on context. Having a neutral face and not showing much expression does seem to be more attractive to women, just look at the vacant look on male models, girls love it! I think it fits in to the bad boy look that girls seem to love. On the other girls don’t want to be talking to a guy on a date that doesn’t smile, the whole point is to have a good time and if this feeling doesn’t seem to be being reciprocated they won’t want to go on a date with you again. I think its best to smile but only at appointment times and don’t give it away easily just a nice pleasant smile when it is due, also don’t do one of them over the top smiles because they just look fake.

5. Are beards attractive

I believe this is a cultural and trend thing so this does go in and out of fashion but… firstly this does improve symmetry so it will help with the first tip we gave you also It shows masculinity as people with higher testosterone levels tend to find it easier to grow beards and what do we link testosterone to… that’s right, being a MAN! This study found that girls tend to be more attracted to men with heavy stubble, the reason why it is thought that women don’t like large beards is because it suggest a more aggressive behaviour.

Bonus tip

Roll your sleeves up

Although there is no scientific evidence for this many people claim that women are attracted to mens forearm’s if you go on pages like reddit you will find a whole genre of girls fascinated with Chris Hemsworth’s forearms. This could be because of showing muscle tone or maybe it’s because it shows you’re ready to work, whatever the reason girls love it.
I hope these tips on changing the way you look will help you attract the women you desire however I want to make sure that you understand that there is so much more to being attractive to ladies then just looks, this was just some tips on how to look more attractive. So much more goes into being more attractive like body language, personality and attitude which we will go over in another blog soon.
 If you have any further questions, remarks or requests for what you would like to see more of, you can comment here on the blog, or message us on Facebook, Instagram or email.


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