5 scientific ways to look more attractive to men

Helloooo ladies, have you been wondering why the guy in your class has been ignoring you and seems to only hang around with the girls who are known for the wrong reasons and the ones who dress and act like Barbies, the guys keep getting savagely pushed away, only to keep going back for more even though you’re a lovely lady and would care for him? Well it’s because men are STUPID!... Well we’re not necessarily stupid (only some of us) but evolutionary psychology would suggest that men are more primal, a “grab your steak and eat it” mentality, if you know what I mean. So if you’re tired of your bestie telling you “there’s plenty more fish in the sea” stick around and read this blog because we’ll be researching ways on how to look more attractive to men based of scientifical evidence and how you can implement these minor changes into your life to up your game when it comes to the guy of your dreams. Some of these techniques you may never have even heard of and it’s because the attractive women around you, don’t want any competition, as this is survival of the fittest, but don’t worry we’re going to even up the playing field for you by giving you some tips on how to look more attractive to men.

1. The perfect hip to waist ratio

Girls seem to be so caught up on their figure, destroying their image of themselves, when its not as big of a deal than what you might think. It’s not necessarily how big or skinny you are science explains attraction is actually based off the difference between your hips and your waist. The prefect ratio according to many studies is roughly 7:10. The reason why wider hips are seen as more attractive to a guy is due to wider hips suggesting that women are more fertile and adapted to carry a baby, which is subconsciously what men want, as they want to carry there gene pool on and produce offspring. So get squatting! To get this figure you should eat clean, do heavy weight hip thrusters and dead lifts and lots of adductor exercises. If you would like to learn more about fitness, check out my friend all by clicking here.

2. Smiling makes girls pretty

In our last blog we looked at ways to be more attractive to women and smiling was one of the categories and we said that men should hold back on a cheesy grin, however science shows us that men are more attracted to females who smile. A warm radiating smile is so attractive and makes you look like you’re glowing, you look more sociable, fun loving and easy to talk to. Another reason why you should smile more is because what you’re hiding behind them lips, your teeth or gnashes as I like to call them if they’re pearly whites and look reasonably health it’s a sign of good genes, so you could get you’re teeth whitened but really you shouldn’t need to as long as you brush them correctly.

3. Red lips

Leading on from the previous point the mouth is a very important in attracting men especially the colour of your lips, many studies have found that women who wear red lipstick are seen as more attractive to men. One study that I find very interesting is That waitresses who wear red lipstick were more likely to receive better tips. There is many explanations for why red lips are attractive to men, one reason is because red lips indicate sexual arousal as when women partake in sex their lips tend to brighten, another reason is because it suggests higher levels estrogen which in turn suggests that you’re more applicable to carry and nurture a baby. Lastly red lips are associated with stronger genes as it shows better good blood flow and a better cardiovascular system. So when you next go shopping, don’t hold back on buying that bright red lipstick. You could be the next heartbreaker like Marilyn Monroe.

4. Long and healthy hair

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, lay down your hair. Think of all the Disney films with princesses in, notice anything in common? They all have long flowing shining hair, even Fiona from Shrek, her hair grows and starts to shine when she turns from a Oger to a human, why am I telling you this… well studies suggest that men are more attracted to women who have longer hair. The reason why men are attracted to women with longer hair according to science is because having longer, shinier, healthy looking hair indicates stronger genes and better health, so next time you go to the hairdresser don’t let them loose on your waves and keep your hair a little bit longer than usual.

5. Red dress to impress

Do you want to catch men’s eyes at the bar, or when your prowling the streets? Well what better way than wearing a bright red dress, studies have shown that men are more attracted to women that wear red clothes compared to other colours such as blue and green one hypothesis for theses findings is that red shows men that a woman has more sexual intent, think about it, what colours do we associate with love and passion? that’s right… RED! So next you want to buy a new outfit don’t be afraid to stand out and buy a red dress, because it’s going to set you apart from the other girls when attracting men.

Bonus tip

Covered canines

This is a personal thing that I’ve recently realised that I find attractive, so it might not work on all guys but it’s something that you could experiment with yourself and it’s when women laugh and let you see their teeth but then quickly cover their mouths with their hand, I think a reason why this could be is because it’s a bit mysterious and it also frames and emphasises your smeyes ( the shape that your eyes make when laughing )
 hope these tips on changing the way you look will help you attract the men you desire however I want to make sure that you understand that there is so much more to being attractive to guys than just looks, this was just some tips on how to look more attractive. So much more goes into being more attractive like body language, personality and attitude which we will go over in another blog soon.
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