20 tips on how to succeed in 2020

2020 is right around the corner and not just is it a new year, it’s the start of a brand new decade which brings with it, great opportunities. A chance to reinvent yourself, rebrand your business, become healthier, wealthier and ultimately a better version of yourself! You’re going to mature so much that the people who don’t keep in contact with you will wonder who you are.
In this blog i’ll be breaking down the 20 tips on how to succeed in 2020, into four aspects of life, that I believe are going to be vital heading into the next year, each topic consists of five tips on how to improve in that area.


“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” You don’t want to fail the rest of next year so you are going to have to be able to execute your goals to the finest of detail and what better way to get a head start than by using the planning techniques listed below. If you want to be an overachiever, why not start now so you’re ready to implement your tasks in the new year?
  1. Now you might think this is a bit cringy but, they say if you name something you give it power so I want you to give this year a name and in turn it will have meaning. By doing this it will set you up mentally for achieving your goals. The word that will be defining my up and coming year is… drum roll please… ELEVATION! This is my first year of business and I just threw myself into it not really knowing what might happen, there’s been some ups and a lot of downs but I’m sticking around because I fall forward! I’ve learnt a lot but all of my skills need elevating to higher standard, this year I am going to be improving every aspect of my life to level up.
  2. As I said earlier, this is not only just the start of a new year, it’s also the start of a new decade so what a better time to take a long hard think about what you want to do for the next 10 years of your life, this is where using an ikigai can become useful. Ikigai is an ancient Chinese practice that helps people work out what their purpose in life is, there are four main aspects to figuring out what your why is and these are: What you love, What the world needs, what people would pay you for and what you are good at, these four questions that you will ask yourself, will combine together to make the perfect recipe for creating a better you in 2020. If you would like to learn more about making your own ikigai click here.
  3. I’ve spoke to a lot of people this year and not to be a pessimist but, they’ve all said it’s been one worst or hardest years of their life and I think it’s because there are so many stressors that it overloads our brain and we end up burning out. Whether it be your work tasks or home chores, sometimes life can get to much and become overwhelming but there’s no need to worry because recently I learned a technique you can use to declutter your mind and get rid of all the brain fog from day to day life. A brain dump, It’s not the prettiest of names but it’s efficient so who cares, basically the idea is that our brains are a bit like computers in the way it stores information but, every so often we need to release some stress by outsourcing all the information in our head, on to paper by writing them down. What a great time to press the reset button on your life.
  4. This might sound a bit woo woo at first but it’s actually not, a purpose pyramid is a way of structuring your life to achieve your goals. This technique is similar to ikigai however, it goes through the step by step process of reaching your goals. From the foundational habits to your higher meaning in life, this technique will have you well on your way to achieving every goal you set yourself.
  5. Motivation is such an important part of achieving your goals so why not incorporate it in to your planning with a vision board! This is a way of having a visual representation of your goals that you want to accomplish, you can use this in all aspects of your life from relationships to your dream job, from your favorite car to the house… mansion you’ve always dreamed of. whatever you want in your life this trick will help you to manifest them into it. A great way to do this is by getting a large pin board or white board and describe these things on them, to make your vision board even better, what most people do is add pictures on top as similar to your description as possible, whether it be Jennifer Lopez and a Ferrari or working at yes theory and living in bora Bora.

Health and wellness

Health is wealth and it’s a lot of other things as well. If you don’t fuel your engine correctly you won’t be able to run at top speed, this is why it is so important to look after yourself physically and mentally.
  1. One of the easiest transformation’s you can make this year to become a better you, is to start drinking water, yes this is a given, but be honest with yourself, are you drinking the right amount of water every day to keep you fit and healthy? Even I’m guilty of not getting enough liquid sometimes so, if this is something you struggle with also, get in touch with me and we can become accountability partners for each other. The basic guidelines for how much you should drink is about 1 and a half liters per day but it does vary due to exercise, temperature and other individualistic factors.
  2. One of my favorite topics in the self improvement niche, is the importance of sleep and as someone who used to stay up until the early hours of the morning and wake up on an inconsistent pattern to changing to a consistent sleep schedule of roughly 8 hours, I have seen some great improvements in my health and not only that, but I seem to have a lot more time to get things done. I’ve wrote a few blogs on sleep and plan to write more but, if you want to learn more about what the new evidence is saying on sleeping positions, click here.
  3. Health isn’t just physical, it’s all about the mental game to. Rates of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are ever rising year by year so, let’s put a stop to it! This year let’s really focus on your happiness and how you can create it. there’s lots of ways you can improve your well-being from going to see a counselor, to saying positive affirmations to yourself. I think one of the growing influences of mental illnesses is loneliness, so let’s work together for a brighter future by connecting with each other and helping each other up.
  4. Now this is a new trend amongst health conscious people so it hasn’t had rigorous science to back up the claims but the signs are promising. Cold showers were the first mission I embarked on in my journey of self actualization and whenever anyone asks what one thing I would advise them to do to change their life, my answer would be this. Even if the cold therapy benefits don’t apply I would still do it as it puts me in the mood of believing that I can take on anything the day might throw at me, it turns you into a beast!
  5. Now I’m not going to push you into any diets because we’re all different and need different foods to fuel your body. I believe this is a great time to start making healthier choices in your diet. A great way to start is to get rid of all the naughty temptations and then replace them with healthy alternatives. By removing the bad stuff you are making it an easier decision to choose the good stuff so, chuck the crisps out and swap them for a bunch of bananas. Spending time with friends and family over food can be hard if you’re trying to be healthy but a way to get around this is to suggest trying somewhere new for dinner or even invite them round to try some of the foods you've started eating.


Jobs are demanding more and more from you to compete against the technology that is stealing your job, so it is important for you to learn how to become a linchpin and secure your living for the future.
  1. Whatever type of work you do it is important to schedule your days and weeks so that you know what you need to get done throughout the day, this will help you have an organized life where you achieve all of your tasks. You can have an hour by hour plan or work in four hour time blocks depending on how long you can stay focused for.
  2. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, yet some people get double the amount of work done in half the time of everybody else, this is because they have learned how to become more efficient using productivity hacks. There are many different methods you can use from Parkinson’s law to the Pomodoro technique. It is important to learn what works best for you as we are all different.
  3. Because robot’s are taking over most manual labour jobs, it is important for you to learn new skills to set you apart from the brainless pieces of metal. Critical thinking, marketing and outside of the box thinking are all things that employers are looking for in workers. If you become an expert in any field of work you can even be a freelancer working whenever you want and demanding high income from multiple businesses for your knowledge.
  4. If you don’t want a job, working for yourself can be very rewarding, although it is very hard work at times so, if you are considering taking the leap of faith, make sure you are ready to commit every bit of energy towards it. With social media and the internet being so widely used, there is so many opportunities to start a side hustle or grow a huge brand. With the rise of YouTube and influencer marketing you can even be paid for just being you, it is important to grow your audience on media platforms so the next tip will help a lot.
  5. They say your network equals your networth, so no matter whether you have a job or you are your own boss, it is important to know the people who can open new doors for you. Learn some people skills and look for win-win situations where both parties can benefit. Some of the best works I have created is when I have collaborated with an expert in the topic I am writing about, I have met some great people along the way and I plan on carrying it on.


Habits are the building blocks for success so it is important to build the right ones and make sure your foundations are sturdy. Often in times when we are setting ourselves up to face new obstacles and accomplish new goals, we try to juggle everything at once and we end up dropping them because we don’t know how to approach them. One of my favorite ways of building a new and improved you is by taking small steps towards success, in Japanese tradition this philosophy is known as kaizen and is used by very well known brands such as Toyota.
  1. Meditation is a very important habit to implement into your life to take your game to the next level, It’s often only thought of as being a eastern practice by monks but it is becoming more popular amongst CEO’s, doctors and anyone who wants to set their intentions straight thanks to science backing up many of the benefit claims it’s supposed to have, from increasing brain matter, to helping with productivity. This method will help you in many aspects of life as it will help you to focus on your targets. There are many types of meditation but all you really need to do is download an app like headspace and breath.
  2. Reading plays such an important role in self-development because, no matter what type of thing you want to learn or skills you acquire to understand, best believe that there has been a book written about the topic, these books are often written by the people who have already walked the path that you seek, they become a short cut to achieving your dreams because they show you how to avoid the mistakes that they made whilst on their own journey. One of my favorite books is feel the fear anyway which you can read more about here, We’re often told to toughen up and to be fearless but this book demonstrates that it’s a natural reaction to stresses and teachers you how to harness your pain and turn it in to power!
  3. People use Journaling in so many different ways but I think there is some key elements you need to have written down every day: You need a segment for writing down 3-5 things which you are grateful for each day, you should also write down what you plan on achieving in the day and a section where you can write down what happened in the day, so you can look for patterns of actions that helped or didn’t help you throughout the day so you can create a better tomorrow, if you want all of these things and more, click here to get your hands on one of the best journals out there.
  4. Discipline is one of the hardest things to build and habits are there to help you, I think it’s best to start in the morning to set your intention for the day, what better way to do this than by making your bed! This completes a chore every morning and helps build your resilience to the distractions in life. This is a common practice among the people who work for the army as being regimented is one of the key principles in that industry.
  5. I think that this tip is the best one to leave you on and that’s learning! No matter where you have started on your journey or what outlandish goals you want to accomplish, if you stay committed and have a student mindset, there are no limits and nothing can stop you. By learning something new you are expanding your mind to so many opportunities and let’s face it, trying something out for the first time is fun, so go out and enjoy yourself, take up the salsa class your partner has been begging you to go to for months, do the sky dive that has been on your bucket list for all this time and travel the world whilst you’re at it. listen to Ted talks but what better way of learning than by reading my blogs every Saturday.
Some of the links in this blog are affiliate links which means you can purchase the product and I will make a commission of it but IT WILL NOT be at an extra cost to you, any money I money I make through this is put towards the upkeep and improvement of this blog. Thank you in advance, Jake.
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