100 ways to improve your life | checklist

You are not perfect and to be honest with you nobody is, that’s what makes us human, however, you do have the ability to improve and the room to grow so, why don’t you? Below we have listed 100 different ways that you can improve yourself based on 10 different areas of your life!

In Relationships:

Use apps

It’s so hard to meet a future partner in the world that we live in and yes there are apps like tinder but, most people only use that for one thing which we won’t go into… using an app like meetup takes away the pressure of a date and helps you to find people who are interested in the same things as you.

Take a leap of faith

It’s probably one of the most nerve-racking things when it comes to starting a relationship but, you need to make the first move. Whether it’s asking a person out on a date or making it official, go out and have fun.

Accept rejection

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, when on the look out for a new partner, you are going to get rejected… a lot. Don’t take no’s as a bad thing though, just look at it as practice.

Schedule time together

When in a relationship, we can often get distracted with our own individual life and if you’ve got kids it can be even harder to spend quality time together so, every so often you should schedule in some alone time with your significant other.

Look more attractive

Although it might sound shallow, being attractive is a key element in finding a relationship, however, it’s not just about the physical side of things, there are many things that you can do to appeal to that special someone.


Most relationship problems come from a misunderstanding or differences in opinion and that’s why it’s so important to put emphasis on communication with your partner.

Show confidence

Whether you are a boy or a girl, being confident is one of the most attractive things you can be so, even if you aren’t confident at the moment, you can start to learn the keys to confidence.

Physical touch

When you meet someone that you feel you could have a connection with, try breaking the physical boundaries by touching them, this can be a friendly hand on the shoulder or putting your arm around them, also try removing any objects between the both of you so, if you’re sat at a table either sit next to each other or keep the table clear.

Be okay on your own

Even though this sounds contradictory to your aims, it’s not. If you are self sufficient and are happy on your own, people are going to be more compelled to get to know you. Other people should add to your life, not be your life, remember that.

Be flirty

Being flirtatious makes things more fun and takes the seriousness out of dating. You can learn more about flirting by reading about the HOTAPE technique.

In Health:


If you have read these blogs before, you might realize that we think that sleep plays a significant role in our health. There’s so much research going on into the benefits of sleep even to the point of what position you choose to lay in but, there are some basics you should know. Scientists advise that you should get 7-9 hours of sleep per night, have a scheduled bedtime, even if it does sound childish and last but not least, improve your sleep hygiene by doing things like turning of the lights and limiting your caffeine intake before bed.

Get your blood tested

You might think that this is a bit overboard but, having your blood tested is a great idea as you can learn a lot about your body. Your bloods can show you any vitamin deficiencies you may have, so you can alter your diet or take supplements if needed.

Eat a whole foods diet

I don’t like to push any one diet down your throat, as I understand that we are all different and require different nutrition but, many studies have shown a whole foods diet to be better for your health.

Meal prep

I love creating meals that are nutritious and delicious, although I do find it quite stressful to think on the spot when I haven’t got a lot of time and that’s where planning ahead by meal preparing is a great tool to use.

Get the right nutrients

Your body requires certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals and a lot of these are easier to find from Fruits and vegetables, however I understand that many people don’t like the taste of them, this is where making smoothies and juices can become very useful. If you would like to learn 10 energy boosting smoothie recipes click here.

Track your eating calories

Some people say that you shouldn’t track intake of food, however, I personally find it beneficial to, as it helps me in reaching my targets to gain weight. I personally use MyFitnessPal and have found it very useful.

Healthy snacks

If you’re short on time, whether you’re walking to and from home or you have got an appointment, you can easily be enticed to nipping into a fast food restaurant or buying those meal deals full of sugar. That’s why preparing healthy snacks can be so useful.

Get rid of your bad habits

If you know that every time you get upset you comfort eat and pig out on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, obviously try not to get upset but, you should also try getting rid of the unhealthy foods and replace them with more nutritious ones. If you would like to learn more about breaking bad habits, you can do by clicking here.

Live a bluezone lifestyle

One of my favorite studies to do with health is the blue zone research, where it was seen that there are hotspots around the world where people are living a lot longer than the rest of the world. The study shows that there are 9 fundamentals (power 9) that contribute to longevity which you can learn about here.

Start biohacking

Biohacking is a new form of scientific health where people are changing their environment (internally and externally) to try and manipulate their biology to living a healthier and more efficient life. Some of the leading experts in this industry are people like Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield but, there are some great people within the community such as the Minimalist biohacker who aims to eliminate the confusion of biohacking all together by focusing on the fundamentals.

In Fitness:

Don’t be lazy

Stop parking in the disabled bays just to be closer to the door, don’t not go to the toilet because you can’t be bothered to get up, just stop looking for the easy option and stop being lazy!

Use your environment

If you’re not used to exercising, one way you can get around this is by using your environment for example, place some dumbells next to the TV remote and the next time you want to watch Netflix you have to do 20 reps.

Stretch it out

With all the exercise that you are going to be doing you are going to have to warm your body up before and stretch it out afterwards, to help in this process you can buy yourself a massage tool like this to improve blood flow.

Play sports

If you’re not a fan of going to the gym, a great way of making exercise more fun is by engaging in a sport that you enjoy.

Get active

Getting fit doesn’t have to feel like exercise if you are constantly active, you would be surprised how many calories you can burn just by cleaning or playing with your pet.

Walk, bike or swim instead of drive

Not only is it seen to improve your happiness but, choosing to Walk, bike or swim instead of using normal modes of transport is going to keep you fit and healthy.

Fuel your body

Depending on the amount of exercise you do, you are going to have different nutritional needs, for example protein. When training you also put your body under stress so, it is important that you battle this with antioxidant rich foods.

Motivate yourself

Whether it’s uplifting music or taking photos along your transformational journey, keeping yourself motivated to carry on exercising is going to keep you going.

Change your workout routine

Doing the same thing over and over again in the gym can become very repetitive so, try doing something new or even going for a run outside instead of on the treadmill.

Use the tools you have

If you’ve not got a lot of money, you can even use baked bean tins as weights, if you have the luxury of spare cash use it to your advantage by buying things like a Fitbit.

In Self-care:


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you need to start meditating. If you are experiencing low mood or anxiousness meditation can play a vital role in controlling your emotions. If you would like to learn about meditation, you can do by reading our beginners guide.

Practice gratitude

 if you change your perspective it will change your life. Try thinking of at least three things that you are grateful for each and every day.

Start journaling

When you journal, it allows you to notice patterns that you may not of been aware of otherwise, this allows you to change your routine to a more affective one. You can see our favorite journal by clicking here.

Drink water

Now, I don’t want you to think, that I think you’re dumb, however, you would be surprised how many people forget to drink enough water throughout the day, even myself, if this is something that you struggle with you can download this app which will remind you when to take a sip.

Take yourself on a date

Are you one of those people that always put other people first? We’ve said it before but, you can’t pour from an empty glass so, it’s important to look after yourself first. Take yourself shopping, go for dinner and treat yourself.

Go outside!

There’s great benefit to being outside specifically in areas with a lot of nature. One ancient Japanese philosophy called shinrin-yoku, otherwise known as forest bathing has been long thought to be good for you and thanks to scientific research we are beginning to understand more about spending time in the wild.

Be your own best friend

One of our biggest faults as human beings is not controlling our negative thoughts. Whatever you are going through, remember that your subconscious is always listening so you should never talk badly of yourself and try saying positive affirmations every day.

Do a digital detox

There is so much pressure on people nowadays due to social media and seeing everyone’s highlight reel of their life can often lead you to comparing yourself to them. Although social media has it’s uses, taking a few days off can benefit your mental health.

Have some alone time

If you live in a crowded area or have a large family taking time out your day can be beneficial for your sanity. If you’re constantly having to process things, spend some time away from everybody else.

Get creative

Making music, creating artwork and dancing are all great ways to express your emotions in more productive ways.

In your Career:


Finding your purpose in life can be a struggle, especially if you don’t know where to start, that’s why completing an ikigai can be very useful.

Monetize your hobbies

Have you ever been told to do what you love? What great advice that is. Sell your artwork, become a sportsmen or sell the music you produced.

Have another source of income

They say that millionaire’s have seven sources of income and I’m not expecting that straight away but, try looking for other ways to make money separate from your current methods.

Outsource low skill task

As you grow in business you are going to have huge responsibilities that you need to take care of, at this point you might want to start thinking about outsourcing your work to someone else so you can focus on the more important stuff.

Be a linchpin

If you’re working for a company it’s a great idea to invest in yourself so you are more valuable, this allows you to ask more from your seniors like days off and more pay.

Go with the flow

The world is constantly changing and robots are taking over most physical labor. This is a great time to learn new skills that are becoming more in demand like computing.

Take a break

You might think that taking breaks is going to slow you down but, many studies have found that taking breaks actually improves your productivity. Try using the Pomodoro technique as a start.

Work ethic

Don’t let someone out work you. The truth is we’ve become lazy and we want everything to be put on a plate for us but, if you look at all the successful people in your life, you will notice that they are very hardworking, however, this should not be confused with hustle porn.

Write down your strengths and weaknesses

If you’re starting a new job or thinking about going out on your own, it’s a good idea to know what you are good at and what you can improve on, it’s also a good idea to write down the skills that you already possess.

Work well with others

Whether you’re working in an office or you are a self made entrepreneur, you are going to come across a wide variety of weird and wonderful and it’s best to have them on your side so, try gaining some people skills.

In your Finances:

Track what’s coming in and what’s going out

What you track, you can manage and if you can manage something, you can use it more efficiently and that’s why you should be keeping an eye on where your money is. If you keep on track of things you can avoid problems like owing dept and even make profit.

Be a super saver

Now, it might take a little bit more effort to find the bargains but, think of the money that you will be saving that can be spent elsewhere. You can even use things like honey now, which finds you discount codes on pretty much anything online.

Start investing

One way that you can increase your finances is by earning money whilst you sleep. Most forms of investing allow you to automate your investments so, you can watch your profits go up without touching a button.


If you already know that you are guilty for wasting your money on pointless stuff, make sure you set out a budget for what you are allowed to spend in different areas of your life. You could have a money jar for bills, pleasure, investing and much more.

Use cash not card

Studies have suggested that we have more of an emotional connection to cash over card so if you’re trying to cut back on your bad spending habits stop swiping.

Start a side hustle

By doing freelance work on the side for a little extra cash, you can slowly start adding up that little extra money up just for a skill that you have. One way to get freelance work is through fivver which you can learn more about here.

Become an affiliate

An affiliate is someone who advertisers a product for a company and usually makes a percentage off of a sale. The great thing about being an affiliate is that you can produce a piece of content reviewing a product by making a YouTube video or writing a blog post and make passive income off it.

Automate your bills

By having standing orders and direct debits in place, you avoid the chances of being penalized and going in to Sept.

Cancelation day

At least once a year, you should look at what services you are being charged for and then call them up and ask to cancel, either they will give you a better offer or you can look for a cheaper alternative. You’ll be surprised about how much money you will save.

Look for schemes

There’s always offers out there for you to make a little extra cash, take banks for example, they’re always offering you money to transfer your accounts to theirs from another chain.

In Personal growth:


There is 99 other things to do on this list and some that you can’t just do in a day so your time is going to be very stretched and that’s why you need to use it wisely. Audible is a audiobook service where you can listen to some of your favorite books anytime, anyplace so, even if you’re pumping iron in the gym or driving your car to work, you can feed your brain the same knowledge as if you were reading a book at home. If you would like to learn on the go with audible, you can CLICK HERE FOR A 30 DAY FREE TRIAL.

Create a reading list

There are so many great books out there but, trying to remember all of them can become a bit of a challenge, that’s why writing down all of the books which you wish to read is so important. Keep ticking them off your list!

Take cold showers

Science is starting to look into the benefits of exposing yourself to cold water after reported effects to your health. No matter what the studies show, putting yourself in uncomfortable positions like icy water is going to wake you up and keep you on your toes, which I can tell you from my own experience with taking cold showers.

Exercise your brain

Just like your body, your brain needs exercise to. You should aim to train your brain every day through playing games and solving puzzles, if this is something that interests you, you can try out our brain teasers which you can see by following us on Instagram.

Start an online course

If you want to understand something with a high degree of knowledge so you can use it elsewhere, a great way is by starting an online course, which has been created by an expert.

Build productive habit’s

Self improvement consists of many different things but to get good at any of them, you’re going to have to build some long lasting habits which you can learn more about here.

Read these blogs

Okay, this might be a bit of a shameless plug but, every week I set myself the task of writing blogs on health and wellness, productivity hacks and much more for you to be able to become the best version of yourself. I try to use the most up-to-date research and techniques out there, to give you the extra BOOST over everyone else!

Hack your brain

You might think that you are stuck with the brain that you were born with, which is kind of true but, your brain has the ability to adapt and improve, also known as brain plasticity, you can do this with binaural beats and smart drugs.

Be 1% better

Self improvement is an umbrella term concerned with being the best version of yourself, this means that there are lots of things that you can improve. Instead of getting overwhelmed with everything try just focusing on one thing at a time, you can learn more about this in our kaizen blog post.

Plan your day

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

In Happiness:

Define happiness

Before you embark on your journey to happier version of you, you first need to define what happiness is for you, if it’s having lots of money, you might want to re-evaluate.

Have a growth mindset

There’s going to be lots of things that don’t go your way and you’ll probably have some haters along the way, it’s important for you to fail forward and grow from it.

Comfort zone

“Life begins when you step outside your comfort zone.” One of the biggest things that hold you back in life isn’t your circumstances, it’s your fear and that’s why it is vital to push your boundaries as much as you can. By clicking here you will be directed to an article on 10 tips to step out of your comfort zone.

Smile more

Fake it until you make it. Cheese!

Realistic optimism

The world’s not all sunshine and rainbows but, it’s not all doom and gloom either, try looking at life with slightly rose-tinted glasses.

Create a bucket list

There are so many amazing things to see and do in life yet, we never seem to get to experience them because we always think that we’ve got time, the truth is we don’t know what’s around the corner and that’s why you should live life to the fullest, you can learn more about this in our memento mori blog post.

Inspire others

Helping others out is actually really good for our own wellbeing so try and stay positive and support others, you never know who’s watching.

Buy your happiness?

“money doesn’t buy happiness.” WRONG! We’ve wrote a whole article on this which you can read by clicking here so, we won’t go to deep into it but, one way that money has been proven to increase feelings of happiness is by giving to others so, the next time your friend can’t come out because of money troubles maybe consider dipping into your pocket for your own sake.

Forgive and forget

This is something that I struggle with myself but, having anger towards someone who has done you wrong is liking holding a hot rock in your hand, you’re the only one that gets hurt! Studies have shown that forgiving people actually improves your happiness so, let it go. Even if someone doesn’t deserve your time, ring them up to say that you forgive them.

Have a baby

I don’t mean in the literal sense but, having a project to focus all your efforts on really helped me get out of a bad place and it probably will do the same for you.

In your Environment:

Productive set up

Your office or work space needs to be a place where you are able to produce your best work. Your set up should consist of all the things that you need only, that means that getting rid of any distractions is necessary. If you work from your phone try turning of notifications and putting to one side when not in use.

Go green

Now, I don’t want to become one of those hypocritical preaches but, think about the poor turtles! We’ve started to realize the damage that we are causing to the planet , it’s time to change! You don’t need to make juristic changes straight away, you could start by going zero waste for a day or riding a bike instead of driving a car.

Be a minimalist

Get rid of useless sh!t …

Organize your house

Segregating your house into different areas of life is such an important thing to do, there are 3 main categories which are: recreation, relaxation and work, for example you should never do your work in your bedroom as studies have found that it can make it harder to go to sleep when it’s time to relax.

Grow a plant

Although it might sound a bit strange, growing your own plants is a great thing to do. You can grow oxygenating plants or plants which can provide you food which has been seen to have great benefits.

Create a vision board

In your house you should possess some form of vision board that outlines your goals and all the things that you want to achieve in life, you should aim to place this somewhere that you will constantly see it so you are always reminded about your mission.

Change your environment

Although this is about improving your environment, it’s important to change it up some times to reset your brain. When you constantly do and see the same things day in and day out, it can become a bit repetitive so, treat yourself to a small holiday or go to a café to do your work, anything to change up your normal routine.

Keep it clean!

A messy work space equals a messy output. Whether it’s your kitchen or your office, you need to declutter your work space to get the best results. Not only should be keeping physical things tidy, you should also declutter your emails by unsubscribing to useless email lists.

Use helpful technology

I’m not a fan of having the idea of robot’s taking over the world but, using things like Alexa in your house can be very helpful to outsource tasks. You can set reminders to free up space in your memory or ask for the lights to be turned off at a certain time so you save on your electricity bill.

Make your house your home

You want your home to be a sanctuary where you feel great so you can create your best work. Whether you give your house a name (the Zen den) or put motivational canvases up on the walls, find ways to make your house your own.

With Friends and family:

Surround yourself with positive people

They say that you are the average of the 5 people who you spend the most time with so, make sure that you are choosing the right people. Spend time with the people who are going to support you when times are tough and motivate you into making it better.

Join a new Community or group

It can be really hard to meet people nowadays, especially one’s that share the same interests as you, to solve this try signing up for as many clubs and joining as many communities as possible.

Learn how to create long lasting relationships

Having 100s of friends at school and then when you leave your lucky if you have 1, relatable? Well, you might be surprised to find that there is a formula to making long lasting friendships which you can learn about here.

Be the hostess with the mostess

Your family’s and friend’s life can become boring at times, where they don’t feel like they’re doing anything fun, make sure you put a stop to that by inviting them round for some fun. You could watch the boxing together, play board games or even create a family version of come dine with me where everyone gets to host. When you host events, your value goes up in your social circle because you are seen as the fun leader.

Be the party

If you’re not hosting the party, be the party. You don’t need to be an attention seeker but, bring something to the table when you go out. Be charismatic and have stories to tell.

Be a good listener

You have two ears and one mouth, make sure you stick to that ratio when you’re speaking and listening to someone. When someone is talking to you, make sure you are actually listening, show interest and ask questions.

Be a small talk master

Although small talk isn’t going to create those long lasting friendships, it is a great place to start when meeting new people. One trick is to use the FORD technique which you can learn about here.

Make the effort

Whether it’s an old friend or your grandparents, don’t get to caught up in the busy world that you live in and forget to check on the ones that love you the most. You never know what someone is going through so, the least you can do is pick up the phone and give them a ring.

Work with each other

Tension within a family or a group of friends can easily build due to everyone having their own opinions, goals and beliefs but, if you all strive for one common goal, you should be able to resolve any issues that occur. Share chores, set objectives and support each other always.

Set boundaries

I know that I preach to you to say yes more often to try new things but, quite honestly there are times when you need to say NO! If your friends are trying to invite you out and you know it’s going to be a messy one, with work in the morning you can say no.

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