10 things to look forward to in 2020

We’ve not had the best of years nor has this year started off great, with wars brewing, Australia on fire and the environment in a very bad position, I don’t want to be the barer of bad news but, we have to be realistic about what’s going on so we can make changes, on the other hand we need to look for the positives in life so, below we have listed 10 things to look forward to in 2020.

2020 Tokyo Olympics

Let’s start off big and I don’t think there is going to be an event much bigger than the 2020 Olympics which takes place this year. The event seems to come just as the world needs it, every four years in fact. We get to see the world’s best in sport compete for the top spot on the leader board by collecting gold, silver and bronze (recycled) medals. The country of Japan is taking the opportunity very seriously, by building and renovating new and old structures and it will combine the tradition of the wonderful country as seen in the 1964 Olympics and the futuristic technologies we know it for today. This years summer Olympics will see a total of 33 sports including 5 new ones which are; skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing (rock climbing) karate and baseball/softball. It’s a time to come together around the TV with friends and family and learn about each other’s interests, it’s also great for the community as you are all Collectively supporting the same people yet, you have huge respect for the competition for their dedication to the sport.
  • Where is the 2020 Olympics? It will be hosted in Tokyo, Japan.
  • When is the 2020 Olympics? 24th of July to the 9th of August.
  • What channel will be broadcasting the 2020 Olympics in the UK? The main coverage will be seen on BBC channels, red button and BBC iPlayer.
Let’s not forget the Paralympics either, with the theme song from London 2012 still ringing in my head, I can’t wait for the games to begin. The Paralympics shows us how adaptive we can be and that we can do anything we set our mind on. Japan as expected, are taking this very seriously by revamping every aspect of the city to be accessible to all!
  • Where is the 2020 Paralympics? Tokyo, Japan, the same as the Olympics.
  • When is the 2020 Paralympics? 25th of August to the 6th of September shortly after the Olympics.
  • What Channel will be broadcasting the 2020 Paralympics in the UK? The main coverage can be seen on channel 4 and 4od.


If you’ve seen some of my posts before, like this one, you’ll know that I love boxing. I’m a huge fan of Anthony Joshua however, I’m just excited for what we are likely to see this year, specifically the British scene. We’ve even got another YouTuber fight between “seven figure gibber” and Jake Paul, I understand that it’s not every boxing fans cup of tea but, I just take it for what it is and if the last bout between ksi and Logan paul is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat! We can’t forget the heavyweight seen with the words undisputed on the line. As a AJ fan I would say that he’s the best of course but, there is some great competition in the likes of Tyson fury and the “bronze bomber” Deontae wilder just to name two. As always it’s going to be a big year for boxing with some of the fights already in planning.
  • Confirmed bouts: Jake Paul VS Gib January 30th in Miami/ Kell Brooks VS Mark Deluca February 8th/ Tyson Fury vs deontay wilder February 22nd in Las Vegas.
  • Expected bouts: Anthony Joshua VS Oleksandr Usyk/ Dillian Whyte VS … anyone/ Vasyl Lomachenko VS Teofimo Lopez
  • What are the main broadcasters of the boxing? Dazn, sky sports, bt sports, ESPN.

 brain boosted

Yes, this is a shameless plug, however, me, the owner of brain boosted is investing lots of time and money into the future of this business this year so you can expect to see great things coming your way. Although it may take a while for you to see the improvements being made, you best believe me when I say that I am working my butt off behind the scenes to bring you guys the best content in the self improvement world, including blogs, courses, podcasts, videos and much more!
I’ve had great support from you guys this year but, I have the need to level up at every chance I get, or should I say elevate as I have spoke about in this blog. I understand it’s a slow process and I need to be patient but, I want more so I need to work harder and smarter to get to the position I want to be in and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to proving to myself that I can do what I set out to do a year or two ago.
  • Improvements: Improvements are always going to be made this business behind the scenes however, you can expect to see some noticeable differences later this year.
  • How can you help? By advising us on what you want to see from us will really help us take the business to the next step. We also ask that you support us in every way you can whether that be sharing links or buying products!

Healthier Planet

It might sound a bit morbid but, if we don’t start looking after our world, it won’t be able to look after us and all of the animals we share it with. Thankfully, there is a lot we can look forward to this year concerning the environment such as Liberia becoming the first African nation to stop cutting down it’s trees likely to happen after a contract was made between them and Norway. There is also a great foundation being set up between David Attenborough and prince William called the earth shot prize, which will see 5 extraordinary minds who improve the planet rewarded millions for their work. This year we will be able to see the growth of the 20,000,000 million trees planted late last year with thanks to the #teamtrees movement.
  • #Teamtrees have already started planting and now need to support the growth of the trees which you can still donate to by clicking here.
  • Earth shot prize are looking out for 5 innovators over the next decade with the multi million reward set to be gifted on 2030.

Mission to Mars

If life on earth isn’t satisfying you enough, you probably won’t have to wait that long until your catching a one way ticket to Mars! In 2020 NASA will be sending a rover to the red planet to search for signs of extraterrestrial life well, I think they’re just sending it up there so curiosity (the other rover) has got a friend. Don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re looking for alien’s, instead the unnamed rover will be looking for microorganisms in the soil by digging down with it’s probe. There will also be other space expeditions this from China and Russia.
  • When is the rover launch to Mars? The rover is set to take flight on July the 17th
  • When and where is the rover landing on Mars? The rover is expected to arrive in the jezero crater on the 18th of February, 2021.

Dubai Expo

An expo is an opportunity for the country’s around the globe to show off all of their greatest achievements like inventions, structures and technologies, Dubai was chosen to host the event after proposing their concept of “connecting mind’s, creating the future.” This will be broken down into three main themes which are; opportunity, mobility and sustainability. Dubai never seem to hold back on expenses as they’ve created a lavish building where the event will take place for 173 days, they’ve also invested in creating many other megastructures like a luxurious marine and another island!
  • When is the Dubai expo? The expo which is held every 5 years will start on the 20th of October and will finish on the 10th of April 2021 lasting a huge 173 days!

Yahoo time capsule

Have you ever wanted to find some treasure and unearthing a whole new world that tells a story of the past? Hopefully I’m not the only one and if not, you’re in luck. In 2006 yahoo invited people just like me and you to leave their own artifacts in a virtual time capsule. The capsule is set to be opened (virtually) on yahoo’s 25th birthday which is this year, you can expect to see poems, videos and pictures all showcasing what life was like that year. Over 1 million people from 200 countries inputted how they saw the world at that time, for me at 7 years old, I was probably listening to some classic RnB like ridin dirty and watching legendary films like click, feel old yet?
  • The capsule will be virtually opened this year which is also the 25th birthday of yahoo.


To all of my astronomers out there, you’ve got an astronomical year to look forward to (bad joke, I know.) You have the delight of seeing meteor showers, lunar eclipses, super moons and much much more. One of the biggest will be a total solar eclipse which is where moon blocks the sun from lightning up the earth which will cast a dark shadow, it will be easiest to see from a south American country such as chill.
  • When is the total solar eclipse? The solar eclipse will happen on the 14th December 2020, however, there will be another solar eclipse happening on June the 21st.

Euro 2020

The UEFA European football championship is a new tournament allowing European countries to battle it out for the trophy and the right to call themselves the best in the region. The first time Portugal were the winners but, this year it could be anyone’s. The games will be hosted across the continent, bringing us all together for the love of football. Could England bring it home?
  • When is the final of the euro 2020? The final will take place on the 12th of July between the two teams that make it through all the other stages of the competition.
  • Where will the euro 2020 final take place? Both the final and semi final of the tournament will take place at Wembley in London.


This is such a big topic as it has sectors from electric cars which help us use renewable energy, all the way to the latest gadgets and gizmos such as the new gaming consoles and latest iPhone, due to this I couldn’t narrow it down to just one innovative invention however there is some honorable mentions that need to be discussed. 5G is expected to be used in every state of America also, the internet is suspected to be accessible in a lot more of the third world countries.
  • How will 5G be useful? 5G will allow people to make much quicker downloads than ever seen before, making documentary’s like Game changes watchable in the blink of an eye.
  • Why will a more accessible internet be good for the world? Not only will it help people stay more connected no matter the distance, by having access to the internet it will create job opportunities and allow countries in Poverty to seek better medical care which was not available before.

The same as last year

We’re not starting from scratch, you can still enjoy all of the things that you got up to last year! Every year we get to repeat some of the biggest events such as the summer days watching federa playing at Wimbledon and the super bowl In action from the teams from across the pond.
  • Events to look forward to every year: Wimbledon, the super bowl, new years eve fireworks display, the premier league, champions league, your birthday, the Oscars, Christmas and much more.
There’s lots to look forward to this year and maybe you can create something for others to get involved in!
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