10 self care tips to use during quarantine

Not to long ago, we provided you with 10 scientifically based self care tips that you could use throughout your day to boost your mood and ultimately be a better version of yourself. We gave you some great ideas, but recently life has been flipped on it’s head, making many of the tips we gave useless for life in lockdown. High amounts of stress, loneliness and depression seem to be increasing in most of us and that’s why we set ourselves the task of finding you 10 self care tips that you can use whilst in quarantine.

1. Connect with friends and family

One of the biggest tools that you can use in the battle against loneliness, is social interaction with your friends and family. Due to lockdown rules, we are only allowed to interact with the people who live within our household and for many of us, that’s no one at all.
Feeling connected socially is a basic necessity of human nature, as this is how we have evolved over millions of years. If this basic requirement is not fulfilled you can become very lonely and in most cases severely depressed.
A lot of research has been done on the role that social connection impacts our life, even to the point that it suggests that having a close knit group of family and friends can even add years to your life!
So, how can you adapt to life in lockdown at the same time as maintaining good social connections? Well, here at brain boosted, we always advise you to have that face to face interaction with people to grow strong relationships together instead of using technology but, due to the restrictions put into place, we are having to find other ways to interact with our loved ones, without being with them physically.
I personally have been staying in touch with people over social media, in fact me and my family have created a virtual pub which we go to every Saturday night on Facebook, we play games, drink and have a good time. The online pub might not be for you and that’s totally fine, you could play warzone whilst facetiming “the boys” or have a virtual sleepover with your fellow “señorita’s” whatever you’re interested in, try and make it as fun and consistent as possible.
As a suggestion, try using a video call instead of just the phone or a message as it’s a deeper form of interaction because you can hear people’s tone and see their facial expressions. Although staying connected with everyone is hugely important, try making a special effort with the ones that you know live alone.

2. Get outside

Being locked in all day isn’t good for either your physical health, or your mental health. You begin to get cabin fever and end up really down in the dumps. If you’re indoors you’re more than likely sitting down and that’s not to good for you either.
There are so many benefits of going outside from better mood, immune system, healthier skin and all round health and this is due to multitude of reasons from better air quality to visual stimuli.
Obviously going “out out” isn’t allowed but, you shouldn’t let this stop you. You can go for a run, do some gardening or have a BBQ. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you are abiding by the rules of the area where you live.

3. Manage media consumption

With a lot more hours in the day to spare, you might feel enticed to start aimlessly scrolling through social media, STOP! Although it’s totally fine to spend a bit of your free time on social media, you don’t want it to become your life and once you start, it’s harder to stop.
Social media and other media platforms are specifically designed to be as “addictive” as possible so that you feel like you can’t get away from them. You know yourself, that 6 second tik tok you was going to watch before you go to sleep turns into an hour long binge of mindless content. It’s okay to use these platforms but, try to limit your time on them and when you do use them, try and use them wisely.
There’s another side to this story and it comes in the form of news. Yes, it is important to keep up to date with the necessary information, however, there comes a point where you need to ex of the tab, put the phone down and turn the Tele off.
Fear mongering, misinformation and clickbait are all adding to the weight of this pandemic, just now whilst writing this blog I had a notification come up on my laptop about the virus being in semen, did I need to read this? No. Did I read it? You bet I did! Our minds are “programmed“  towards drama and negativity so, it’s important to keep that in check. I guess there’s some truth in the quote “no news is good news.”

4. Learn something new

Working from home can easily become very boring if not done right so, learning something new is a great way to spend your time productively. Being in quarantine could go one of two ways for people, you either work on yourself and have a glow up where people don’t even recognize you, or you sit on the sofa all day indulging in bad habits like drinking and eating fast food.
When you try something new, not only are you building your skills, you are having fun, it can give you a sense of achievement, open you up to new opportunities, a way to find a new hobby that you love, give you a chance to earn more money and so much more!
Whether you want to learn a whole new language or just learn how to draw better, you can with the help of skillshare. Skillshare is an online platform that allows you to learn skills in all areas of life. Business, animation, nutrition, photography, are all things that you can learn about with skillshare and it doesn’t stop there, if you can think of it, skillshare has a course on it. Many of the classes are taught by industry leaders such as Pat Flynn and Simon Sinek. If you would like to boost your game to the next level by learning from great teachers , click here for a 2 month free trial on skillshare!

5. Do some exercise

Doing some form of exercise has always been a healthy habit, it keeps you physically strong and helps you burn of that energy that has been building up in your body because you’re stuck inside the house. Although exercising is great for your physical health, many studies have found that exercise is great for your mental health as well.
Doing exercise releases endorphins in your brain (happy chemicals like serotonin and dopamine) which can boost your mood and make you feel better in times like this. When you exercise blood gets sent to all the different parts of your brain, helping them work at their optimal level. When you exercise you can expect better cognition, decision making, memory and a protective barrier against long-term illnesses like depression and dementia.
There are so many ways in which you can exercise. You could go for a jog during your 1 hour slot, you could jump in with Joe wicks P.E class for a family exercise session or try out a HITT workout from someone off of YouTube. Whatever level of fitness you’re currently at, there is something out there for you, you just have to look for it.
We’re currently working with alitrainshumans to create some fitness and nutrition content for you to read during quarantine so, whether you are interested in an exercise routine or how you can create some healthy meals with what’s left at the grocery stores, let us know and we’ll have it ready for you.

6. Meditate

Has quarantine got you stressed out? are tensions with your family members at an all time high? are you finding it hard to think straight? Well this pandemic is new to all of us and many people are finding it hard to keep calm and carry on. To manage your mental health during lockdown, it’s important for you to find ways that you can reduce stress and feel calmer.
The best thing you can do to calm your mind is to meditate. Even if the outside world is going crazy with some people fighting over toilet roll! You can work on staying grounded internally with mediation.
There are many different types of meditation out there but, if you’re a total beginner, using a guided meditation practice is the best way. Guided meditation is when someone is telling you what to do whilst you meditate, they might count your breaths for you or tell you to focus on certain body parts, one of the most popular meditation apps is headspace which you can look at here.

7. Keep your mind active

With all this time at hand it’s important to keep your mind as occupied as you can, one because you want to keep your monkey mind at bay and two, if you don’t keep yourself busy throughout the day, you’re going to end up falling asleep and messing up your sleeping pattern which we already know is so important.
There’s lots of things that you can do stay active throughout the day, I’ve been playing soduku and reading (getting old) funnily enough, I’ve been reading a book called flow which is all about keeping your mind busy through optimal experience, to create more happiness In your life. Playing board games, cleaning your bedroom and gardening are all great ways to be stay busy during quarantine.
Books are a great way to keep your mind stimulated but, why would you want to sit down and read a book when you could just listen to one whilst you do something else? This is where audible comes in, whether you are going for a run or sunbathing in the garden, you can listen to your favorite books through audible, if this interests you click here to get a 30 day free trial!

8. Watch some edutainment

As you may have noticed, I’m a firm believer of using this time as wisely as possible and trying to stay productive even when there is more of an incentive not to, however, I do understand the importance of taking very much needed breaks. There’s a fine line between resting and being lazy.
A good way of spending your time throughout the day is through edutainment. Edutainment is the mix of both education and entertainment, hence the name. The ways that we learn have been wrong for so many years and it seems like we’re only just learning how important it is to make education enjoyably. Try and think about something that you want to learn about more fun.
A popular form of edutainment is media, especially in the form of documentaries. I’m personally very interested in health and wellness so, when I had the opportunity to watch game changers (the vegan documentary that everyone was talking about) I jumped at the chance. Podcasts, YouTube videos and even some films are a great way to learn whilst resting. Below I’ve gathered a list of some things that you can watch to expand your mind.
  • Game changers
  • Forks over knifes
  • Crip camp
  • Joe Rogan experience
  • The people VS OJ Simpson
  • Matt d’avella
  • A users guide to cheating death
  • The apprentice
  • Easy ways to live well
  • Louis Theroux
So, instead of Netflix and chill, turn that time into Netflix and charge brain.

9. Cook some healthy meals

The cupboards might be bare but, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on cooking a nice and healthy meal. This time is also teaching us to learn to cook with what we’ve got but, as long as you’ve got the essentials you should be fine.
Although the research isn’t there at this moment, eating healthy food is always good for your immune system so, it is important that you are eating well balanced meals throughout the day that are high in vitamins and minerals. If you would like to learn more about how you can boost your immune system click here.
Although the pandemic is a horrific thing, some good has come out of it in the form of cooking, you get to spend more time creating your notorious and delicious meals, you can have quality family time if you live together and you get to try new foods because of the limited amount choice when you get to the shelves.

10. Journal

A pen and a piece of paper is a powerful tool in the battle against stress and anxiety. Journaling one’s thoughts dates back thousands of years right up until the present day. Keeping a journal has been credited to the key of living a better life and many successful people throughout history would vouch for this as they have kept habitually journaled themselves.
So, what’s all the hype around journaling and why is it so good for you? Well, alongside strengthening immune cells and decreasing symptoms of asthma (crazy right!) Journaling acts as a stress management tool as you are constantly having a feedback loop of your own thoughts and feelings. Without over simplifying things, keeping a journal is similar to having your own personal counselor.
Among the things that we have just spoken about, journaling helps to keep our mind clear from junk, solve the problems in our life which we couldn’t before, get in touch with ourselves more and resolving misunderstandings between your friends and family.
There are many different forms of Journaling out there, from dream Journaling to writing out your “morning pages“. To get the best answers In life, you need ask the right questions and that’s why we believe using a guided journal is the best way forward. A guided journal is one that asks you questions that prompt you to really think about your feelings for example, it may ask you to write down “what are three things that you are grateful for?” or “ if one thing could go well today, what would that one thing be?” you can find more questions like this, in the journal that we advise you buying here. By Journaling your thoughts and feelings, you allow yourself to notice patterns in your day that may be affecting your mood.

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