10 habits of poor people that successful people don't do

Have you ever looked at a successful person and thought, what are they doing that I’m not doing that is putting them in a better position than me? Well that’s a great question, however, you’ll probably find that It’s things that you are doing, which they avoid that are holding you back. Before we start to look at the 10 habits of poor people that successful people don’t do I would just like to clarify something, when saying poor it’s not necessarily a financial thing, it’s more the fact that they have a poor mindset or live a poor life because, you could have a low income and be very wealthy by having great relationships and everything that you need.

1. They entertain themselves Instead of educate themselves.

To be successful you have to constantly improve your abilities so that you are a person that can give value to others, unfortunately most people spend lots of time just doing nothing productive, they sit on the sofa with a packet of Doritos, watching the latest murder mystery and it’s pointless unless you are getting paid to be on gogglebox or your career ambition is to be a murderer (I hope not). There are some circumstances where you can combine the two which is what I like to call edutainment, this is the combination of education and entertainment. For example, you could watch a documentary, but make sure you are learning something from it, I personally watch things like “the game changes“ which is all about a plant based diet, this can help me in my public and personal life as my business revolves around health and wellness. It doesn’t have to be Netflix either, dust off the old book that’s been sitting there for years and give it a read. you could even start listening to audio books whilst doing mundane tasks instead, if this is something you’re interested in, click here for a 30 day free trial for Amazons audible!

2. Their not healthy

Now, if you are short of money it can be hard to invest in a healthy diet, however, I never said it was impossible, when you’re about to go for your weekly shop, make a shopping list of all the essentials you’re going to need and don’t buy any needles commodities. It can also be useful to make your meals from scratch using individual ingredients instead of paying for a name of a brand and especially don’t buy fast food! Do you know what is free? Exercise! Yes, you can go to the gym and pay for a membership that you won’t stick to or… every other day you could go for a walk around the block for free! One thing that I have noticed about health that people don’t consider is getting a good night’s sleep. There’s many aspects which can effect your sleep, even the position which you choose to lay in, so make sure that you’re pushing up them Z’s properly.

3. They are tight with their money

Quite clearly, if you haven’t got the money you shouldn’t be splashing the cash around, however there is another side to the story! With the money that you do have, you should Invest it into things that are going to help you progress in life such as health or courses in growing a business, we won’t go on to much about this because we’ve already wrote a whole blog on 5 things you should invest in for a better year which you can read by clicking here. By investing your money into yourself you are growing your value, which in turn will make you money and stop you from being poor.

4. They are lazy

It’s quite an obvious thing to say, but all the more reason to say it. If you don’t work hard you’re not going to get anywhere in life, I’m not saying to burn yourself out by over working, nor am I suggesting that you wake up at four in the morning and not stop working until midnight, that would be silly but, on the other hand you can’t just sit around doing nothing and expect your dreams to come true! I’m not denying that you can’t work smartly however, there are no short cuts to the top so your going to have to start hustling now before it’s too late.

5. They criticize others

Have you ever heard of the term “backseat driver”, well if not it basically is used to describe the person in the passenger seat who tells you how to drive, yet their not driving themselves. This is very similar to poor people as they always hate on the people who have made it in life. You often see it when they’re watching sports how they say things like “why didn’t they shoot” or “why didn’t they pass, absolutely useless“ yes, athletes do make mistakes like everyone else, however, they’ve got to that position through hard work, dedication and a lot of sacrifice, so don’t comment on other people’s effort if you aren’t taking action yourself. Remember, talk is cheap!

6. They don’t look after themselves

This is probably the result of complying with all the other habits like not looking after your health. You wouldn’t see a successful person not showering and being smelly, because they understand that it is important to be clean and hygienic to build positive social connection. Let’s face it, someone isn’t going to trust you in looking after their business when making a deal, if you can’t look after yourself. Don’t get me wrong either, it’s not just about hygiene, it’s about looking after your mental health, keeping your work area tidy and many other things.

7. They don’t hold themselves accountable

Do you know someone that always passes the blame on to someone else or something else? They say things like “I would work harder but, my job is so boring“ or “it’s my ex partners fault that I don’t treat people very well“ sometimes the points that they make are fairly valid points, but who cares! Life isn’t easy and there’s some things you can’t control, but what you can control, make it your own! To be accountable you need to take the rough with the smooth and if something goes wrong take responsibility for it, trust me when I say, every win will be more rewarding. It’s better to give something a go then not try at all, fail forward!

8. They have bad money habits

We’ve already spoken about how poor people are tight with their money in terms of when they are investing in themselves, however, they also have a lot of other bad money habits that we would like to go over. The first thing is that they spend money before they actually have it, making them go in to debt when things go wrong and do you know what they do after that? They borrow money or use a credit card which puts them more in dept, which is our second point. Lastly, overall poor people make bad financial decisions whether it’s by not saving, wasting money or not investing in the right places.

9. They hang around with negative people

One thing that will hold you back from being successful, is hanging around with the wrong people.  Have you ever seen someone like Bill gates or Elon Musk wasting their time with a lazy, unmotivated person? No, this isn’t about ego or social class either, it’s because they want to learn and get better by spending time with people who are in a position where they want to be or have exclusive knowledge on something they wish to learn. If you want to be successful you’ve got to get rid of the people in your life who are always bringing you down and the people who always have a problem for every solution. You should surround yourself with people who are motivated and on the same mission as you, so you can bounce ideas off each other and hold each other accountable.

10. They are bad at time management

Rich people have lots and lots of money but if you ever asked them what their most valuable asset is, do you know what they would say? That’s right, time! As the famous quote goes, “time is money“ so, you should be very sparing with it. Poor people tend to not be organized and are always free to waste their time and money, going to the pub and drinking their sorrows away. Rich people have every moment of the day planned out in such detail that they get more done than everyone else in the same time. Successful people don’t waste time on needless tasks, as they prioritize the most important things they need to get done to the top of their lists, because they know that time is limited.
If you would like to know a few tips on how to break bad habits, this blog post is worth a read. By starting to eliminate these habits from your life, not only will you begin to see some financial growth, you’ll also start to see many benefits in your life such as your mood and your relationship’s. If you want to learn 20 habits of the super successful, well, you’ll have to come back next week!
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